Five Things Friday

1 – I've been staying busy at work between my work in Admin and actually playing my horn quite a bit! Now that I'm the only trombonist in Music Performance Team Bravo (MPT B – the small ceremonial ensemble), I've been on all the graduation ceremonies and other gigs that we do. When there were 2 of us, we would alternate gigs. I'm definitely not complaining! I love my job! Admin keeps me busy with processing all the awards and Non-commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports, doing promotion and competition board packets (although I'm training one of my Soldiers in the shop to take over those), and doing other paperwork. I really enjoy working in Admin!

2 – Thomas has a whole mouth full of teeth. Recently he got 4 new ones on the bottom, all at once. He has 4 in the front and then a gap on each side and then 2 more on each side. On top, he has 4 in the front and then a gap and then 1 more on each side. He had to stay home from daycare on Wednesday as he had had a fever on Tuesday. I got called to go pick him up as he had a temp of 102. It was still over 101 when I got there. He was just burning up and after I got back from work (He and Ryan had a daddy/son afternoon) and he woke from his almost 3 hour nap (woke up about 5:30), he just wanted to cuddle and have mama milk. Definitely not like my little ball of energy. He ate a pretty good dinner and then slept from about 7:30 until a little after 9 Thursday morning with only 2 wake ups. We took him to the doctor Thursday morning, but it was mainly to get his note signed to go back to daycare. His temp was down to normal and the doctor determined it was a virus. Thomas has been fine since, so whatever it was, it was very short-lived.

3 – Robert also had a visit to the doctor, on Friday. He has an abscess on his leg (from an insect/spider bite??) and it had gotten really puss filled and popped while he was at school on Thursday. After that, we decided to take him to the doc. He got a topical ointment and an oral antibiotic and his leg looks a ton better already, and it's not hurting him anymore.

4 – We plan our menu monthly. Apparently this is impressive to some people (I took a picture of our menu for the month and posted it to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. it really works well for us, and gives us something to base our grocery shopping off of. It's really nice knowing what we'll be making for dinner after a long day at work, and keeps us from just going out because we don't know what to make. We build days into the menu when we'll go out. After I do the menu for the month, I'll make my grocery list, broken down into various categories (meat, dairy, produce, breads/grains, baking, condiments, frozen, and misc.). We do probably 70% of our shopping at the beginning of the month, about 20% on the 15th, and the last 10% is the quick trips for milk, bread, and produce. We've been doing it this way for about 4-5 months now, and it really has been good for us.

5 – I can't think of a fifth thing, so I'm going to go to bed and get some sleep before my 15-17 mile run in the morning.

One thought on “Five Things Friday

  1. I need to friend you on facebook so I can see your menu. I have been meaning to do this with my family. There are only three of us, but I have noticed we are getting into a lot of bad habits with not having one. This is a great idea.

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