Marathon Monday

Here's my recap of this past week's training. . .

Monday – On the schedule (OTS): 4
                What I did (WID): 4.1 – Yay for a great start for the week!!

Tuesday – OTS: Rest or XT (cross train)               
                 WID: Rest. Unplanned. I had wanted to do 30-Day Shred.

Wednesday – OTS: 6
                      WID: Nothing. I'm sure the extra sleep was necessary. Again. I really need to start getting these midweek long runs in.

Thursday – OTS: 3
                   WID:2.7 – I didn't get up in the morning (and it was pouring rain). I waited until afternoon, but I left work later than I had hoped to and did a quick run in the little time I had. As a bonus, it had stopped raining and the sun was out!

Friday – OTS: Rest or XT
              WID: Rest. This one was planned since I had a half marathon the next morning.

Saturday – OTS: 16               
                  WID: I ran the SACF Half Marathon here in Dothan. My plan was to use this as a 13 mile training run, but I ended up getting a new PR! I had a super relaxed run for the first 10 miles, and that was a real confidence booster! Read my complete RACE REPORT if you want.

Sunday – OTS: Rest or XT
               WID: Rest – planned, since I had the half yesterday. I was going to run an easy 2-3 miles depending on how I was feeling from the race, but my body told me it would rather have the rest.

Total miles for the week – Scheduled: 28, Actual: 19.9
Total miles run for this marathon training cycle so far – 90.1

Overall I'm really happy with how this week went. I was a little upset at myself for not getting my Wednesday run in again, but it all worked out with the accidental PR at the half marathon. Let's see if I can actually hit 26.2 miles next week!!

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