SACF Half Marathon Race Report

Let me start by saying it was really nice running a local half marathon! I was able to sleep in my own bed last night after a dinner of homemade spaghetti. I didn't leave for the race until a little over an hour before the start time – I did have a 35 minute drive, but that's nothing compared to all the other half marathons I've done. By the time I got to the start, I was a Lani-cicle. Why? Because I had to ride my motorcycle to get to the race since Ryan needed the van to get the boys to Robert's Cub Scout Blue & Gold which started before I'd be back. It was 37 with a windchill of 32 this morning, so it made for a CHILLY ride. But I survived and got changed from my riding clothes into my running clothes. I chatted with a few other ladies as they were arriving and we headed to the start. I hit the port-a-potties less with about 6 minutes to start time and then we were off. There were maybe 200-300 runners in the half and then more for the 5K.

I wish I had sucked it up and left my long sleeved shirt at my motorcycle since I took it off less than a mile in and then I ran the rest of the way with it tied around my waist. Not really a big deal. It was a beautiful course, mostly through residential areas in Dothan, and I saw some beautiful houses along the way. There were quite a few hills throughout, but nothing really major, and not really that difficult for me. Some of them, I saw them coming up and then all of a sudden I was at the top. All my hill training around post paid off. Near the end of the course we took a lap around the Westgate Park – it's about 3 miles around. That was nice since it's a packed dirt trail most of the way, so a nice change from the pavement and sidewalks.

I felt really relaxed for the first 10 miles and around that point I did some math and realized I was on pace for a new PR (personal record)! I had just planned on this being a long training run for my marathon training, and I was just hoping to finish between 2:20 and 2:30. Yeah, that didn't happen. I finished in 2:13:18 (a 10:14 pace) and got a new PR by 3 minutes!! What a nice little surprise when I wasn't really trying! The course was .08 short, but it's still close enough.

Once I was done running, I got my medal, some food (a part of a banana – not much selection for post-race fare), a small bottle of Gatorade, and a small bottle of water and headed back to my bike to get changed back into riding clothes and I headed back to post. It was still cold, but not as cold as it had been. I got to where the Blue and Gold was being held and got there just before they started, so I didn't miss anything – especially Robert getting his Bear rank and some more belt loops.

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