Four Things Friday

Is anyone else glad that this week is over?? It sure seemed like a long one. Here are a few bits of info to end the week. . .

1 – I went to Ft. Benning, GA, on Monday. EARLY. My Soldier started the Warrior Leader Course there, and the sponsors have to go with on the first day to make sure everything is good to go with their Soldier. We were all told that we would be stopping halfway for a breakfast stop, so no one ate before formation time at 0500. Well, the bus driver drove all the way and we didn't stop to eat. Can you say hungry Soldiers? The Soldiers got their height and weight done and started in-processing and the sponsors got back on the bus to head back home. Did we stop on the way home? Nope. No such luck. I don't know why the bus driver was in such a hurry to get back home, but we were starving when we got back at 1245. After Ryan picked me up at the museum (our departure point. My Soldier and his wife gave me a ride so Ryan had the car for school/daycare run) we went to the lunch buffet at Pizza Hut.

2 – We got our van back from the repair shop on Tuesday. They did a great job and our van looks like it never was in the ditch! It was fun  driving the little Nissan Altima for a week, but it was also nice having my trusty mommy-mobile back, too!

3 – Our internet at work has been down since Wednesday. That means I haven't been able to do any work in my office. It also made for a short day today – did some building clean ups and that was it. Other than coming back in the afternoon to play at the quarterly Retirement Ceremony.

4 – Thomas has 6 new teeth coming in – the next 2 outside the front middle on the top, 1 on each side near the back on the top (seems like he skipped a couple) and 1 on each side on the bottom, but I'm not quite sure which ones they are yet. He's also been sleeping longer/more at night (knock on wood), so that's been nice.


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