Marathon Monday

Week 1 of marathon training went slightly better than Week 0, so I'm happy about that! My knee also seems to be cooperating more, so I'm happy about that as well. Here's my recap of the past week of training. . .

Monday – On the schedule (OTS): 6
                What I did (WID): 2.6 (Had to charge my Garmin as I was having issues with it again so I got out the door late)

Tuesday – OTS: Rest or XT
                 WID: XT – Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD, Level 1. Awesome workout!!

Wednesday – OTS: 5
                      WID: 0 – my Soldier had a PT test and I went to support him

Thursday – OTS: 5
                   WID: 3.1 – took it slower and had almost no knee pain!!

Friday – OTS: Rest or XT (cross train)
              WID: Rest – the extra sleep was nice!

Saturday – OTS: 10
                  WID: 7.2!! I got a long run in! My goal was to do at least 6 and see how the knee was doing. It felt good, so I went a little more.

Sunday – OTS: Rest or XT
                WID: Rest – again, the extra sleep was nice!

Total miles for the week – Scheduled: 26, Actual: 13
Total miles run for this marathon training cycle so far – 17.7

Overall it was a much better week than the previous week. My extra stretching and yoga poses have seemed to help my knee, so I'm thinking it was related to tight muscles in other places. Stretching and yoga will continue, and I'm thinking about getting a foam roller to use as well.

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