Five Things Friday

Here are 5 things about me and my family to wrap up this week!

1 – The boys went back to school on Wednesday. Robert wasn't super excited about going back to school, but he survived – and it was an early out day besides. Thomas didn't want to be dropped off at daycare, but we were told that less than 5 minutes after we left, he was playing happily with his friends. I think it was all a show to make us think he was going to miss us.

2 – While the boys were at school, Ryan and I got the first bit of cash for our envelopes for this part of the month (we can only cash $300 in checks a day at the bank at the PX since we don't have an account with them) and then we did our grocery shopping. Once I had gotten the groceries put away, I went and got my nails (fingers & toes) done. I love manicures and pedicures. On my way home from my nail place, I stopped and picked Callie up from boarding. She was glad to see me and to be back home.

3 – I went back to work on Thursday and talk about CRAZY!! I had NCO stuff to take care of and Soldier stuff to deal with and admin stuff as well. Not to mention that I had to go to the Unit Training Meeting and I hadn't even had a chance to check my e-mail or update my slides, but I survived. The afternoon was a little better and I was able to get some awards and NCOERs started and e-mailed to those that will be writing them.

4 – I took one of my Soldiers to the Battalion Soldier/NCO of the Quarter Board this morning and he won! He will be representing the Battalion (and the Band) at the Brigade Soldier/NCO of the Year Board in 10 days.

5 – We brought the van for an estimate on the damages today and boy am I glad I have insurance and only a $150 deductible! The repairs from our detour to the ditch are over $2200. Yikes!! I'll be without my van for a week and a half while they do the work, so I'm glad I have rental reimbursement with my insurance. I need to call tomorrow and find out how that works since I've never used it before.


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