Seven Things Saturday

Here are seven things to get you caught up on my life. . .

1 – Thomas has his 1 year well-baby appointment on the 4th. He weighed in at 20 pounds, 14 ounces, was 30.5 inches tall, and his head size was 18.75 inches. His doctor said everything looked great! After seeing the doctor, we went to the lab for blood draw and they took it from his arm – no longer the baby way of a heel stick! They called with the results a few days later and Thomas is slightly anemic, so he's on an iron supplement. After his blood draw, we went for his immunizations and he got 4 shots, including his first dose of his flu shot. He goes back in 4 weeks (from the 4th) for part 2. He did really well with both the blood draw and the immunizations.

2 – I borrowed a sewing machine and got Robert's patches sewn on his Cub Scout uniform, and just in time, too. His den meeting 2 days after I sewed the patches on they had to wear their uniforms (usually they just wear play clothes so they don't get their uniforms messed up). They had a variety of guests from the MP station come to talk to them, and they got to do fingerprints and other stuff. They also had a uniform inspection, and I guess my sewing was ok as Robert passed inspection. Robert and Ryan are camping this weekend with the Cub Scouts.

3 – My training for the Army Ten Miler has been going ok. I'm not happy with how many runs I've missed the past couple of weeks, but at least I'm still getting some runs in. My last long run was to be 9 miles today. Well, with Robert and Ryan out at camp, I had 2 choices – not run or run with the jogging stroller. So after sleeping in this morning (!!!!), I got Thomas in the car and we drove to the parking lot by the gym and Thomas and I ran the 2 mile paved loop for a total of 6.3 miles. I'll take it! So it wasn't 9 miles, but I pushed Thomas for over 6 miles. It was 75 degrees out, but the slight breeze helped some. I plan on getting in all 3 of my runs this week, one way or another.

4 – Ryan finally saw his VA primary care doctor after being here for 4 months (that was the soonest they could get a new patient in) and he's starting to see some of his referral appointments come in, so that's a good thing.

5 – Thomas is walking more and more holding on to things – furniture, our hands, his push toy – but he still can't stand by himself yet and he hasn't taken any solo steps yet. He's working on tooth #5. Some nights he sleeps all night and some nights he's still up once or twice. He loves playing in the cupboard with all my plastic containers and he also loves balls and books. And of course, he loves when big brother plays with him!

6 – I'm staying fairly busy at work between my work in admin and 1-2 gigs a week, plus rehearsals. Our schedule is really starting to pick up as we get closer to the holidays. We've marched 1 parade already, and there are 9 more parades on our schedule before the middle of December, including 3 on one Saturday. That will be a long, tiring day.

7 – Hmm. I guess I can't think of a seventh thing. So I'll throw this out there – give me some topics/ideas to write about. Ask me questions, etc. What do you want to hear from me?