August Recap

I've been horrible at keeping my blog up to date and I need to change that. Here's a recap of August. . .

Robert started 3rd grade at Ft. Rucker Elementary School. He has an awesome teacher and has made lots of friends. He has also started playing soccer and is a Bear Cub Scout! He had one soccer practice and hasn't played since, but is still supporting his team, the Knockouts. Why is he not currently playing? He fell off the monkey bars at school and has a green stick fracture of his left wrist. The doctor said no soccer until the cast comes off; three weeks of cast/no soccer. His cast comes off on Monday, 17 Sep. Cub Scouts is off to a good start – he has his Cub Scout Promise memorized, knows the Cub Scout sign, and we're working with him on the rest of his Bobcat requirements so he can start working on his Bear requirements. Ryan took him to his first meeting and he had a great time.

My running is going great most of the time. I've been getting some long run of 8-11 miles in and I'm really looking forward to taking about 10 minutes off my best time at my half marathon next Sunday. The Army Ten Miler should be a good race, as well, with all the good training I've been doing. I didn't make the Ft. Rucker team, but I'm ok with that. I have a place to stay in DC (thanks to a wonderful running friend and her fiance!!) and I just need to get a plane ticket. Hopefully this weekend I'll get that taken care of.

Work is going good and I've gotten kudos several times from our new First Sergeant for my work in Admin. I'm also the trombone section leader, and I've been playing about an average of 1 gig a week. We play at a lot of graduation ceremonies – Initial Entry Rotary Wing course, Warrant Officer Course, Advanced Individual Training, etc. We've also done a few concerts and those are always fun.

Thomas is growing like a weed and is starting to cruise. He can crawl fast and is having a lot of fun exploring all over the house. He loves playing in my cupboard with my plastic bowls and stuff and he also like drumming on the Little Tykes drum that was Robert's. It's hard to believe that he's almost a year old. I'm planning a 1st birthday party for him, so that should be fun!

We celebrated Robert's 8th birthday ON his birthday this year! Yay for 1 September falling on a Saturday. He picked his friend D (lives about 100 yards from us, same soccer team, same Cub Scout den, but different class at school) and we went mini-golfing and go-karting in Dothan. The boys had fun and D even got a hole-in-one on one of the holes despite never mini-golfing before. I got 2 holes-in-one, and Ryan got 3. Robert did well despite the cast. Both boys got to drive their own go-karts, and Ryan went with them. I didn't go go-karting because I was wearing Thomas in the Ergo. I don't mind. After we were done with our fun, we went to Applebees for dinner.

And that pretty much gets you caught up on my life. I'm really going to try and do better about blogging.

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