Running and Stuff

I did my post in-processing the Monday and Tuesday after we got here. It really didn't take that long and I had a lot of downtime. The band here is giving me some time off to get my house situated and all that fun stuff, so I'm really thankful for that. I did go to rehearsal this past Monday and Tuesday because I'll be playing at the Freedom Fest concert (4th of July celebration, but it's on the 3rd). I've also gotten my allergy shots going here – really nice nurses that work in the allergy clinic!

This past Saturday we got our stuff. It was really fun marking off the inventory sheets as some of the boxes didn't have numbers anymore – the inventory number sticker fell off probably 10-12 boxes. The only major damage so far was to our chest freezer that's barely 2 years old. It looks like something heavy was set on top of it and the lid is quite dented. That will be going on our claim sheet when we're done unpacking everything. We've been working on getting things unpacked and put away this week. My kitchen is done except for getting the rest of my coffee mug collection put away – about half is up on top of the cupboards for display, but we haven't gotten the rest of them up there yet. I also haven't found my silverware and the rest of my baking pans yet. I've opened all the boxes that were marked with anything to do with the kitchen, and I have the other stuff that was in the silverware drawer and I have 3 cookie sheets. The rest is a mystery and hopefully I come across them soon.

This past Monday I started training for the Army 10 Miler with the post team. There are quite a few runners training with the team, but in mid-August when they finalize the team, there will be 6 males and 2 females selected to represent Ft. Rucker in Washington, D.C., at the Army 10 Miler in October. I probably won't make the final team as I'm the slowest runner out there, but I'm still going to train with them, give my best at every workout, and see what happens. And even if I don't make the team, it'll be good training because I'll still be running the Army 10 Miler; I'll just have to pay my own way to D.C. Monday's workout was almost 7.5 miles for me (I cut the cool down a little short) and Wednesday I ran almost 6 miles. I took Tuesday and today off and plan on a 4-5 mile run tomorrow before Saturday's team workout. Next week I'm hoping to add swimming into the mix on Tuesdays.

Robert started his School Age Summer Camp last week and he loves it and has made friends already. They're at the Youth Center, and there's a game room, a technology lab, arts & crafts, discovery zone, and a gym with all kinds of activities. He gets lunch and an afternoon snack, and if he gets there early enough, he gets breakfast as well. They go on several field trips each week to various places – so far he's gone to the post library where they had something outside for the kids (learning related) and the post museum. Mondays they go to the pool for splash time, but this Monday they didn't go because of thunderstorms (outdoor pool).

Thomas started at the Child Development Center (CDC) this past Monday and he seems to love it there. He's having lots of fun with the other babies and toddlers in his room and his teachers are really nice. He's eating regular food pretty much all meals now – he protests when we try and spoon feed him baby food. He's a really good eater, and I'm going to be in trouble when he gets older. Last night for dinner he had probably 1/4 cup of mac & cheese and 3/4 of a kiwi, and tonight we went for taco night at the bar/grill on post and he had a good bit of the chicken, cheese, and tomatoes out of his taco, some of the tortilla, and broccoli.

3 thoughts on “Running and Stuff

  1. You’ve been running SO much lately! With all the miles you’ll be putting in, you’ll be ready for ATM in no time. I think you might need to re-think your running goal–you’ll EASILY get to 400 at the rate you’re going. đŸ™‚

  2. I am so glad that everything is going smoothly and the boys are fitting right in. Hopefully no other damages were done and you find everything.

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