Photo Tour of our House

Join me on a little tour of our new house!

Looking from the garage entry toward the rest of the house. Laundry room is on the right and dining room is on the left.
Looking from Garage

My laundry room! The cat's food, water, and litter box and our chest freezer will also be in here with a baby gate across the door.
Laundry Room

The dining room is just about across from the laundry room. Why they put carpet in the dining room, I don't know, but we'll make it work. The piano and my sewing machine desk will also be going in the dining room.
Dining Room

Standing in the dining room, looking toward the kitchen which is to the left of the laundry room.

The living room is next to the dining room.
Living Room

Looking into the kitchen from the other side of the living room. We're going to get bar stools to put under the counter on the living room side for a breakfast/snack/homework area.

The hallway leading to the boys' rooms. Thomas' room is on the left and Robert's room is at the end of the hall. The boys' bathroom is to the left of Thomas' door.
Boys Hallway

Robert's room
Robert Room

Boys' bathroom (also the guest bath). Linen closet #1 is on the right.
Robert Bath

Master Bedroom. The door leads to the master bath.
Master Bedroom

Master bath. There's a separate room for the toilet and two sinks!
Master Bath

Shower and linen closet #2 is on the right and big walk-in closet is on the left. These are to the right as you come in the door.
Closet and Shower

Our entry door hallway has a closet right by the door. I forgot to take a picture of the entry hall. Oops!

I hope you enjoyed your tour of our new house! I'll post more pics once our furniture and everything arrives on Saturday and we get the house set up.