We have arrived!

Our trip to Scott, LA, was rather uneventful, other than the route I thought would be quicker ended up taking us through some back roads in Texas. While the scenery was nice, they were 2-lane highways with lots of hills and curves. Not so fun, but we eventually made it to Scott, LA, where we got checked in to our hotel and then headed to my friend J's house. She is a fellow cross stitcher and has been an online friend for at least 8 years. Not only did we get to meet her, but we met her wonderful family as well! There were a number of other kids for Robert to play with and they all had a great time, and us adults enjoyed the evening. She made a wonderful dinner, and that definitely was a nice change from restaurant food.

Our trip from LA to Enterprise, AL, was LONG and event-filled. As we were crossing the Atchafalaya Bridge (a 17 mile long bridge), a car pulled up next to us and it looked like they were trying to tell us something. So Ryan rolled his window down to find out that it looked like our trailer tire was going flat. He thanked them and we kept an eye on it. And then it went. Tire blow out. On the bridge. The shoulders were just wide enough for us to pull completely off, but not much else. I called the police so we could have flashing lights for safety as there was a lot of traffic. Ryan got to work on getting the tire changed, and he had the blown tire off before the officer arrived – like I said, it's a long bridge. We got the spare on and everything cleaned up and headed to a nearby Meineke Car Care Center. The manager there is a fellow veteran and he took good care of us. It took a couple of hours, but we got 2 new tires for the trailer and got back underway finally. We made it the rest of the way to our final destination without incident, although it was after midnight when we finally arrived.

Yesterday morning we went on post for the first time and signed for our house! We'll be living on post in a brand new single family house – so new that we'll be the first family to live in it!! It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room, 1 car (or in our case, 2 bike) garage, and a fenced in back yard. There are 2 playground areas that Robert can go play at – one out the back past the fence and one just down the hill at the end of the street. Our neighborhood community center has a fitness center, game room, pool table, and a pool! The pool has an area for lap swimming – 25 meter marked lanes – and a kiddie play area where the water is super shallow so Thomas can crawl around. Yay for something for everyone (except a hot tub for Ryan). After we were done signing for the house, we went back to the hotel and got the trailer and went and got it weighed before taking it to the house and unloading everything. Once the trailer and van were emptied out, we went and got lunch at the PX food court, bought a new litter box/cat litter/scoop for Callie and a few other things for the house that I know we'll need. Then we came back to the hotel and Ryan and Robert spent some time at the pool. There was another guy there with a boy about Robert's age and they had a great time. I took Thomas in for a little bit, but the pool water was a little chilly for Thomas so we came back to the room.

Today is going to be "Explore the Area" day. And I'll try and get some pictures of the house to share with everyone. Stay tuned!!

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