Travel Day 2

I went for a nice 4 mile run in Roswell this morning to start off my day. It sure was nice running outside instead of on a hotel treadmill! We got on the road almost an hour later than we had hoped/planned for and that made for a kind of late arrival at our hotel in Fort Worth, TX, but we made it here safely. It was a decent drive and nice weather again. Both boys are doing well traveling and Callie is doing well, too. We do have to give her a pill each morning we travel as she gets car sick, but that's not too bad. Upon our arrival at Ft. Worth, I was saddened to see that there is no fitness center and therefore no running for me in the morning. I was hoping to get another 3-4 miles in, but oh well. We'll be able to get on the road earlier which is a good thing as we will be going to dinner at a friend's house when we arrive in Scott, LA, tomorrow.

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