Endings and a Beginning

This past weekend marked the ending of the chapter of my life at Ft. Huachuca and Sierra Vista. Saturday morning was my final race in Arizona – the Mystery 10K on post. It was a nice morning temperature-wise, but the winds were already starting to pick up. Add wind to a hilly course and it makes for an interesting race, but it was still a lot of fun. I finished in 1:05:41 – my second fastest 10K!! All the training I've been doing lately is paying off. I think if you took the wind out of the equation for the race, I could have pulled off a 1:02 or 1:03! Someday I will go less than an hour on a 10K.

Saturday afternoon Ryan and I rearranged the stuff in the trailer and it all fits a lot better now. When Ryan was loading the trailer Thursday evening, he was just pretty much getting stuff in it because we were all tired and cranky and it was dark out. We spent some time in the pool at the hotel and enjoyed our day.

Saturday evening was the End-of-Year/Farewell choir party at one of the member's houses. It was a lot of fun and lots of yummy food. Everyone enjoyed watching Thomas crawling around and playing. Of course, they enjoyed having Robert there as well. I'm going to miss my choir family and I think they're going to miss my boys more than me. LOL! It was nice having them love on my boys and they never minded having them over in the choir area during the service. They gave me a framed picture of the Milky Way behind the Huachuca Mountains – very cool!

Sunday morning was my last 2 services at Sierra Lutheran and singing with the choir. It was Pentecost, a Festival Sunday, so the choir sang at both services. Ryan and I read the lessons at the 1100 service and Pastor did a special sending blessing for our family after Communion. He invited members of the congregation to come up and lay hands on us, and there were a lot (including the majority of the choir) that did. I'm going to miss my church family there. Everyone was so welcoming to us and our boys! After many hugs and good-byes and a few tears, we headed to the vet to pick Callie up from being kenneled, got ice at the gas station, and went and got the trailer from the house (and my frozen breastmilk stash from our neighbor's freezer), and we got on our way. Destination – Roswell, NM, Ryan's hometown.

We arrived in Roswell shortly after midnight and got checked in and settled for the night. Both boys went right to sleep, even after sleeping in the van for a while. Thomas slept until about 7 at which time I nursed him and put him back in his crib. I didn't care if he played or slept, but I was going to sleep more, and I did. Thomas did, too. We finally started getting up and ready around 10. Once we were all ready, we headed out into town to play tourist for the day. We ate at the Alien McDonald's – the play area is in the shape of a UFO! Then we drove around for a little while and ended up at the International UFO Museum. That was really interesting, and really makes you wonder if UFOs and other life do indeed exist. There were many reports from witnesses of events, and newspaper clippings with all the different stories the government had. Robert got a stuffed alien and we got a shot glass for our collection. Then we drove around some more and saw the high school and elementary school Ryan attended and where his grandparents' house had been. Only the steps are left. The building his grandfather's shoe repair shop was in is gone as well. We also found the cemetery where his grandparents are most likely buried (it's the only cemetery in Roswell that we could find), but having no idea where they would be, we didn't try and find them. Maybe someday. We ended our afternoon at the little zoo in town and rode a train for a quarter each and rode a carousel (the old kind with wooden animals and no seat belts) for a quarter each. The guy operating the carousel didn't charge for either me or Thomas (don't know which), but since we had an extra ticket then, Robert got to ride again. It was a fun day of touristing, and Thomas took almost a 3 hour nap once we got back to the hotel.

After Thomas woke up from his nap, we went to a BBQ place in town for dinner. The food wasn't bad, but we've also had much better. Ryan had ribs, but the ribs from Up North Lodge in Gwinn are still his #1 ribs! After dinner, we came back to the hotel and spent some time relaxing in the pool. Thomas had his first underwater experience, kind of on accident. I had him on his tummy and he was well supported, but he decided to bob his head and his face went under for a second. He was fine after he coughed and sputtered for a couple of seconds.

Time for bed now. We've got another long day of traveling tomorrow, but we'll be leaving much earlier in the day than we did on Sunday so we should have daylight the whole way and have time to hit the pool when we arrive tomorrow evening.

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