Five Things Friday – The Moving Edition

I'm glad it's Friday! But I'll be even more glad NEXT Friday when we sign for our new house at Ft. Rucker! We haven't been in a hotel for 24 hours and I'm already tired of living in a hotel. Here are 5 things from this week of craziness. . .

1 – The moving crew did a great job and had jut about everything packed up on Monday. Tuesday morning they finished up the linen closet and hall closet and got everything loaded on the big moving truck to take our stuff to Alabama. It should get there early next week and will have to be put into storage for a week.

2 – I FINALLY finished clearing my unit. 4 stops plus the command team took me the entire 10 days I was allotted to out-process. Either people weren't at work (appointments, class, etc.) or were in rehearsal when I was there and trying to clear. But it's done – only about 3 hours of my time wasted while waiting around, driving extra trips, etc.

3 – Post out-processing was relatively simple and I only had about 15 minutes of wasted time. That was from going to Finance Thursday morning only to find out they were closed for training and would reopen at 1230. So I went back at 1230 and then did my final out. My final out took less than 5 minutes!  I am now officially on PCS leave!

4 – Somehow we ended up with WAY more stuff than we thought and the trailer is WAY fuller than what we had figured. I don't know how we ended up with so much – I even had a list of things we were going to take with us. We finally finished loading the trailer about 9:30 last night – not fun in the dark and Ryan is hurting today from all the moving and lifting of stuff yesterday. Thomas slept on the floor in Robert's old room while we were finishing up the packing and loading. Tomorrow we're going to try and rearrange stuff in the trailer a little – in the daylight.

5 – I did my final walk-thru with Re-Max this morning and turned in our keys. Once that was done, I went and turned in our cable box and terminated our cable/internet here. Then I had to go to all the other utilities again and have them cancel the disconnects scheduled for Tuesday. Re-max requires the tenant to continue all utility services until all cleaning and repairs have been done. I think this is silly, but whatever. So now I have to call Re-Max next Thursday or Friday to see if everything is done and then I can call the utilities and have them disconnected. I think I might call Re-Max every day starting on Tuesday, so I can get the utilities disconnected as soon as I can.