Frustrating Friday and Super Saturday

Despite working on packing and getting things we're taking with us out to the trailer until 10:00 Thursday evening, I was up and ready for my long run Friday morning. The plan was 6.5 miles. I met my running friend/fellow Soldier by the skate park in the park and we headed out for what ended up being a 7.25 mile run. We were so busy chatting while running that I missed the street I had planned to turn on. Eventually we get to a dead end, but see a trail heading sort of in the direction we needed to go. After a while, the trail kept getting narrower and narrower and pretty soon it disappeared. There were some houses off to the right, so we made our way through the brush and everything and followed the fence back to civilization. I knew right away that we were farther than we should be, but at least we knew where we were. We finally made it back to our starting point. It was a great run despite the trail & cross country running and being 3/4 mile longer than planned.

After getting myself and the boys ready, I worked on getting the last few things together and into the trailer while Ryan ran the boys to school and daycare and then headed to Competition Tire for our new tires & front end alignment on the van. I sat at home waiting for the packers to come pack our house up. And I waited. And waited. Finally I called my point of contact at the company that's handling our move (and of course, they're not local) to find out when the packing crew would be showing up. After several phone calls back and forth, a member (the head??) of the packing crew called me to let me know they'd be there on Monday. What??? I scheduled a 2 day pack-out and they think they're going to do it in one day. Apparently they were double scheduled. Our Transportation office on post will definitely be getting a call first thing Monday morning about this fiasco. So, needless to say, I was highly upset. I sat all day waiting for them to show up when I could have gone to post and finished clearing the unit and gone to daycare to nurse Thomas at lunch – he had a 2-bottle day. What a waste of my time. I didn't even do any stitching or anything since everything was in the trailer. After we picked the boys up from daycare, we headed out to eat because I needed to get away from the house for a little while.

Today was a much better day! It started much the same – a nice run this morning, but only 3 miles today. I let the guys sleep in, so I had a nice quiet house for a little while after my run. Once everyone was up and had had breakfast, we headed to the Sierra Vista Public Works garage. They had their annual open house today and they had lots of displays and information about all the stuff that they maintain. They even had a scavenger quiz for a raffle drawing! It was fun reading all the "Did You Know?" boards to find the answers for the quiz.  After we had seen everything there, we headed to Walmart to get Robert a new bike since he outgrew his old one (we Freecycled it!). We also got a few other things while we were there. Then we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch (really early dinner?) and then to Fry's for a few things I needed to make lasagna tomorrow. Once we got home, Thomas went down for a nap and I went next door to borrow a cup of sugar and then proceeded to make butterscotch chip cookies. They turned out super yummy!  Ryan took Robert to a friend's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza, and after Thomas was in bed, I got 3 hours of stitching in because Ryan made me take the day off from working. We still have some things that we want to go through, but it will wait until tomorrow.

Off to bed now. . .