No, my blog isn't going anywhere. And neither am I – at least for another week. But I had my farewell luncheon today. I got presented my award and got a really cool plaque from the unit with my rank, unit insignia, and some pictures of me doing various things. And it's signed with little notes from members of the unit!! I'm really going to miss the band here at Ft. Huachuca, and I'm definitely going to miss the weather here – it's so nice for running!  I picked Thomas up from daycare on my way to the luncheon, and of course picked Ryan up from home. Everyone was glad to see them as well. Robert was at school, and I wasn't about to pull him from school for lunch.

My out processing is going well. I'm about 3/4 done with everything – only a few more stops on post and about 1/2 the unit. It was really hard to out process the unit this morning when everyone was in the training meeting. LOL. I'll get them tomorrow.

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