Home Sweet Home!!

Our vacation has come to an end. We slept in the morning before heading to the Cafe one last time for breakfast. We got to watch the train depart for the day, and Robert saw one of the friends he made and got to say goodbye to her. We let Thomas gnaw on a chunk of watermelon to celebrate his 6 month birthday. I think he wasn't quite sure of it, but he seemed to like it despite a few faces. After we were done eating, we headed back to our room to finish getting packed and then we got a luggage cart, brought everything out to the car, and got checked out. The roads were wonderful on our drive home and the drive itself was pretty uneventful. We stopped a few times – for gas, a potty stop for us/snack stop for Thomas at a rest area. About 1/2 hour after the rest stop, Thomas started crying. And crying. And crying. It sounded like his hungry cry, which was odd since he had just eaten. So Ryan finally found a place to get off the freeway and we got Thomas out and changed his barely wet diaper and I tried to feed him. Nope. He wasn't hungry. All that fussing was from the barely wet diaper. So we got back on the road again, and after another gas stop (we didn't fill up the first time since it was so expensive cuz it was a little gas station in the middle of nowhere) and dinner stop (McDonald's), we made it home! Our kitty cat was glad to see us. We got the van all unloaded and had a nice relaxing evening. Both boys had baths and Ryan and I watched the NASCAR race from Sunday.

Time for bed now. I have to go back to work tomorrow.