Five Things Friday

Aack. I guess I'll cover the whole week again. Must. Get. Better. At writing daily.

1 – Once again I didn't work a full week. Tuesday I had an appointment with the allergist in Tucson and Ryan had his weekly PTSD therapy group so we went together. Ryan brought Robert to school and Thomas to daycare and then came home to switch vehicles. We took the Harley to Tucson! It was a beautiful day and a great day of riding with my Sweetie! I had planned on having allergy testing done again (new allergist that Post is working with), but since we're moving in 2 months, the allergist said that I might as well just wait until we get to Alabama. That left us time to hit Waffle House for lunch – yum! I got some stitching done while Ryan was in his group and then we had a nice ride home via the scenic route.

2 – The days that I was at work were pretty uneventful, but I actually got to play my trombone! We had concert band rehearsal on Wednesday and Stage Band rehearsal on Thursday! Yay for getting to do my job, especially concert band! Monday in supply I got a task done that I've been putting off for way too long. Once I got started, it didn't really take me all that long.

3 – I actually made it to choir practice on Wednesday evening. It was nice to be back with my choir family and singing again, but I felt naked while there. In the past, I've always taken Thomas to choir practice with me and worn him during rehearsal. But he was in his crib sleeping while I was rehearsal.

4 – Thursday evening Thomas sort of had a play date. We babysat for K & D so they could go out for their anniversary. S is a wonderful baby, 3 months to the day older than Thomas. S napped when he first arrived and then after we had dinner, S and Thomas were both up for a little while but S was kind of fussy because he missed his mommy and daddy. Then Thomas started getting fussy because it was his bedtime, so Ryan took care of S and I went and nursed Thomas and got him to bed. Then K & D got back and S went home. Some day the boys will have a play date when they're both awake and not fussy.

5 – Robert had a half day of school today as they start spring break on Monday. Ryan picked him up from school and I picked Thomas up from daycare on my way home from work at lunch (half day for us, too!!). After we got the car packed and Thomas and I had lunch, we headed out. It only took 3 tries to finally get going. We left and got the mail, realized we forgot the diaper bag. Went back and got it. Got 1/2 mile from home and Ryan remembered he forgot his sneakers. Went back and got them and then we were on our way. Tonight and tomorrow night we're staying in Casa Grande. You'll have to wait and see what our plans our for the rest of our vacation. 🙂


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