Five Things Friday

I guess these 5 things will cover all week since I appear to have been absent from my blog this week.

1 – We bought a trailer for our motorcycles! It's a 6'x12', pretty much the same trailer we were looking at new. For a little over $100 more than JUST the new trailer, we got the trailer PLUS a spare tire/tire mount, tire things for the 2 bikes, & tire straps (and more probably, but those are the major things), plus the guy we bought it from had put in a cabinet with an electric water pump and a chemical toilet because they used it for camping. We decided we got a really good deal on it. Ryan took the van to Tucson today and got a trailer hitch installed and between the trailer hitch and registering the van in Michigan, we're coming out ahead of what it would have cost for everything new!! The trailer was in the lemon lot on post, and I drive through the lemon lot to get to where I park at work. I saw it Monday morning and called Ryan right away. He came out and looked at it, called the seller, seller met with Ryan Monday afternoon (and I showed up as soon as I was done at the briefing I was at), and it was a done deal. The seller even towed it out to our house since we didn't have a trailer hitch yet! I met him at JAG on Tuesday to give him the check and do the title transfer. Here's a pic of our new trailer:

2 – Thomas has been coughing. Too much. And for too long. Wednesday I finally took him to the doctor. My poor little man has RSV. Click here for more information on RSV. It's basically just a really bad cold. Then he had a follow up this morning and he also has an ear infection in his right ear. He's on antibiotics for 5 days plus getting a breathing treatment twice a day. It's not really too bad – just takes 10 minutes for all the medicine to run through the nebulizer, and we get extra snuggle time during the treatment. Thomas has been doing his treatments like a champ! We got a really cute nebulizer – it's a puppy!! Though he's sick, Thomas is still his usual happy self. Here's a pic of the nebulizer puppy:

3 – I'm finally getting better, after going to the doctor for a 3rd time on Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday was a day of appointments – both Thomas and Robert and me. I saw a 3rd different doc and he actually gave me an antibiotic. Thomas and I are actually on the same antibiotic. I have acute sinusitis due to uncontrolled allergies. Our pollen count has been through the roof here, and I didn't even think of that. My allergy shots only do so much, and at peak allergy times of the year, I need Claritin as well. My throat is still sore, but I can actually swallow now without cringing and I finally have energy back. That will be nice because I've missed too much work lately. Wednesday I was only at work in the morning and then all the appointments. Because of Thomas' RSV, he can't go to daycare until Monday, so I had to stay home with him (Ryan had appointments in Tucson). My doc gave me quarters for yesterday and then today, my team leader let me stay home. I'm very thankful for a family-supporting command team. Now to be able to get back to my running.

4 – Robert is finally feeling better. His appointment Wednesday was a follow up from last week. He has allergy problems just like his mommy. Sorry, son, for passing on my allergies. I think eventually we'll get him tested and start allergy shots. But for now, he's on liquid zyrtec once a day, and he gets breathing treatments for another 2 weeks as well. His is easy though, it's just an inhaler twice a day. At least he's been able to go to school through all this.

5 – Ryan's been doing well since he came home from his PTSD treatment program. He's back to his normal weekly appointments in Tucson, although his trip today was to the trailer place to get the hitch put on the van. He's planning on going on a bike ride with Robert tomorrow, so hopefully the weather is nice for them – and not super windy like it's been recently.