Five Things Friday

Five thoughts as we end this week. . .

1.  I've been sick all week with a sinus and/or upper respiratory infection. I went to the doctor on Monday and he gave me quarters for the day (meaning stay home from work). Tuesday I was still feeling like crap and my wonderful supervisors let me stay home. Wednesday I more or less made it through work, but I still had no voice and I felt like crap. Thursday I made it through the morning (see #2) and then went back to the doctor – MY doctor this time – and he gave me quarters for the rest of Thursday and Friday. Naps are a good thing.

2.  I reenlisted Thursday morning at work. For the last time. I am now in the Army for an indefinite period of time (hence the term INDEF) – at least until I retire. Currently I can stay until 31 July 2019, and that's my 20 year mark. If I get promoted to Sergeant First Class (I'm a Staff Sergeant now), I can stay longer than 20 but I may or may not.

3.  Robert visited the school nurse this morning complaining of a sore throat. She called me and I decided to call and make an appointment for him. They were able to get him in today and did a strep test which came back negative. Doctor said it was just really bad allergies and the drainage from his stuffed up nose was causing his cough and sore throat. We got some meds that will hopefully help and he has a follow up with his regular doc next week. I'm going to see if he'll put Robert in for a referral to an allergist.

4.  Speaking of Robert, he FINALLY has a loose tooth!! He's 7 1/2 and hasn't lost any teeth yet. He was a little worried about it at first and scared of losing a tooth, but I think he'll be ok. We need to reread The Tooth Book this weekend.

5.  Thomas tried sweet potatoes this week. He didn't really make faces or spit them out, so I guess he must like them.  He's eating a lot – oatmeal 2-3 times a day (once plain and twice mixed with applesauce or bananas) and still nursing just as much as ever. Some nights he goes 4-6 hours between feedings and some nights it's 3 hours. I know eventually he'll be sleeping through the night and I'm going to miss our middle-of-the-night snuggles, but it will also be nice to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time.

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