NCO Concert

This afternoon the 62nd Army Band put on a concert led by the NCOs of the unit. Those interested selected a piece or 2 and after several weeks of rehearsals, we put on our concert today. I conducted 2 marches to start off the concert – "Thunder and Blazes" and "Joyce's 71st New York Regimental March". I realized that it was my first time conducting in my almost 13 years in the Army. I've Drum Majored, but never conducted.  The concert went really well and was well-received by the audience. Both of my boys were very well-behaved during the concert, although Thomas did need to eat during it and sucked down a 5-ounce bottle and seemed to want more (according to wonderful Daddy).

Ok, so this is short, but I'm going to bed so I can get unsick and get back to my running. I've been stuffed up, coughing, headache, and sore throat since Friday, and yesterday I think I may have had a fever, but was not able to confirm that due to an inoperable thermometer. If I'm still feeling like this in the morning, I will be making a sick call appointment.

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