Another 4-day weekend comes to an end

Yesterday I slept through my alarm and we didn't make it to the early church service so I could sing with the choir. But it was sure nice getting some good sleep now that my little man is sleeping longer at night! We did, however, make it to the 1100 service, so we did get to church. I got compliments from others on how well the boys behave – it's always nice to hear from someone else that your kids were good when your older one frustrates you because you don't think he's being as good as he could be. I guess I'm just more critical, but that's a mom's job, isn't it?  After church, we went to Target to get baby food for Thomas and look at shoes for Robert. We ended up getting 3 cute pajamas for Thomas, apple baby food instead of banana (they were out of banana), and no shoes for Robert because they didn't have anything in the size he needed.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at home just playing and relaxing. After I called Mom & Dad in the evening, we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Robert and I both had Choco Cherry Love. It was yummy!

This morning was deemed a no-alarm clock morning, and it was nice sleeping again. I nursed Thomas around 5 and 8, but still snuggled in my bed until about 9. I did stuff on my computer and after it had warmed up some, I went for a run with Thomas in the jogging stroller. We went 4.16 miles in 45:34. I actually ran the whole way!!! That was a great feeling and it was a great run. Robert played on my computer while I was gone. Then later in the afternoon, after Thomas had had a nap and a snack, we went to the park. I wore Thomas in the Snugli and Robert and I kicked his soccer ball back and forth for a while and tried a frisbee, but the one we had is pretty cheap and didn't really fly well. Robert also played on the playground equipment for a while before we headed home for dinner, bath time, bedtime snack, and bed. Once Thomas was asleep, I called Ryan and also got some stitching done.