Five Things Friday – Guest post by Thomas

Hi everyone! Mommy said I could do her blog post tonight so I thought I'd share some things about me and some pictures, too!

1 – I love eating oatmeal and bananas. Most of the time Mommy and my daycare teacher mix my oatmeal with my bananas. I think that's really yummy now, but when I first started eating bananas I made faces because it tasted different than my oatmeal. Here I am sitting in my highchair waiting for my banana-oatmeal. Mommy said the highchair was Big Brother's when he was a baby.

2 – I have a lot of fun toys and I like being on my tummy. I can play with my musical driving toy while I'm on my tummy.

3 – My Big Brother is a lot of fun. He makes silly faces and dances around to make me smile and giggle. I love my Big Brother.

4 – Mommy calls me her Little Monkey. I kind of like that. I have lots of outfits with monkeys on them. I wore my monkey pajamas to school the other day. Here I am in my car seat all ready to go!

5 – I miss Daddy. Mommy told me he's at a place to help him be a better Daddy. We got to go visit him last weekend and we took him to the zoo. We get to see him again tomorrow and I'm excited about that!! I like playing with his glasses, but I don't think he likes it too much when I put them in my mouth.

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