Thankful Thursday

Despite having a somewhat stressful day, I still have many things to be thankful for!

I'm thankful that I have a 4-day weekend this weekend, and that I'll be able to spend it with family.
I'm thankful that this was a short work week – only 3 1/2 days. A lot of my stress was work-related and having some time away will be nice. Other stress was from stupid drivers.
I'm thankful for a wonderful, caring daycare where I know my son is well-cared for. I'm thankful that they are supportive of breastfeeding mommas and that I can go nurse and snuggle T during lunch most days. Of course, I'm thankful for an awesome school-age teacher there as well, and R loves going there after school (and sometimes before school).
I'm thankful that I got 2 of my 3 runs in so far this week.I
I'm thankful that T has been sleeping about 4 hours at a stretch at night. Three hours was nicer than 1 1/2-2, but four hours is definitely much nicer. Eventually we'll get to 5 hours!
I'm thankful that Ryan is doing so well at his PTSD treatment program, but I'm even more thankful that he only has a week left. We're all ready to have him back home.

What things are you thankful for this week?

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