Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today was a day that really should be everyday. We shouldn't just celebrate love one day out of the year. Love should be celebrated every day. That being said, I did take my 2 little Valentines out to dinner at Chili's this evening. Of course, Thomas just had milk, but Robert and I had a nice little date. After dinner, we went to Josie's Frozen Yogurt for dessert – they had buy one/get one free today. We'll go somewhere special with Ryan on Saturday when we get to see him on Saturday.

The rest of the day before dinner was pretty good. I gave an Equal Opportunity class on Extremism this morning and then did some stuff in supply, including a few online classes that I needed to take. I got my lunchtime snuggle time with Thomas and then came home for my own lunch and to await the plumber. He had called this morning and wanted to come today to check out our leaky bathtub faucets. I figured he was just coming to look and then would be back another day to fix as that's what usually happens for repairs around here. So I thought I'd be back to work this afternoon, but that didn't end up happening. He actually did the repairs today and now the bathtub faucets don't leak anymore! Of course, I didn't get back to work, but it'll be ok. After he left, it was time to go get my allergy shots, so I did head back out to post, but to the allergy clinic instead. After my allergy shots, I got in a quick 3 mile run before I had to get the boys from daycare – 3.11 miles in 29:59!! I love that I'm getting faster.

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