Five Things Friday

1 – I had the day off today. All of the supply shop did. We had a comp day from all the extra time we put in getting ready for the 100% inventory. It was nice having the day off!!

2 – After I brought Robert to school and Thomas to daycare, I went for an 8 mile run. I was never more than a mile from my house (as the crow flies) and I had a really cool route. You can read about my run and see the route here:

3 – I got a much needed and well deserved manicure and pedicure this afternoon.  Yay for pampering time!

4 – I actually took my motorcycle out for a short ride this afternoon. My first stop was the gas station to fill up and then I went to the Harley store. I now own my own riding gloves so I don't have to borrow Ryan's anymore. My new gloves are purple!!

5 – Have I mentioned lately how awesome my boys are? Well, they are! Robert pretty much loaded the dishwasher by himself this evening, got the soap in the right places, and ran it. Thomas is just so cute – especially when he got to try bananas for the first time tonight. He made the cutest faces like he didn't like them, but he ate the whole container (Gerber banana baby food).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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