Thankful Thursday

Some of my blogging friends do this and I thought I would too.

Things I'm thankful for this week . . .

A very helpful 7 year old. During the times he frustrates me, I must remember that he IS only 7 and he's acting like he should be as a 7 year old. He's definitely been a HUGE help around the house while Ryan has been gone.

A super cute baby. Despite not getting sleep but in 3 hours blocks at night, I love him to pieces. It helps that he's so darn cute!

A wonderful husband. Yes, he's gone right now, but he's exactly where he needs to be. He's already gotten a lot out of the treatment program that he's in and there's still 2 weeks to go.

A job I love (for the most part). This week I've actually gotten back into playing my trombone and *gasp* conducting! We're doing an NCO-led concert in a few weeks and I'm conducting 2 marches on it. But I get to play the rest of it and it's been nice playing again.

Time to run! I've run 3 days after work this week and I feel so much better when I get my runs in.

Awesome friends both at work and online. My Twitter friends, especially, are so encouraging to me and always cheering me on.

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