Emotional Monday & Tough Run Tuesday

Yesterday was an emotional day, so I needed a day before I wrote about it. It's really not a big deal, but it is a big deal. Those of you that are mommas out there will understand.  Thomas has been having a little bit of oatmeal in the evenings before bed for the past week. Yesterday I brought a box of oatmeal to daycare so he can have oatmeal along with his afternoon bottle as well. I think what set me off, besides the fact that my baby is growing up WAY too fast, was that I was already a little upset because when I was clipping his fingernails, I got not one. Not two, but three of his little fingers. It didn't faze him at all, but I sure wasn't too happy about it. And then bringing oatmeal to daycare for him on top of it. Not a great way to start the day, and of course, people at work noticed I wasn't my usual chipper self and I ended up breaking down in front of a couple of coworkers when I told them what was wrong. But I made it through the day and had an awesome 3 mile run after work! I actually went under a 10 minute per mile pace for the first time in I don't know how long for 3 miles!! That made things a little better, knowing that I'm getting stronger in my running.

This morning wasn't too bad, although we ended up leaving in a little bit of a rush. Time just seems to get away from us in the morning when we're getting ready for school/daycare/work. I got Robert to school just as the bell was ringing, so he had to run to line up with his class to go in. I did better dropping Thomas off this morning, and I know he's just a growing boy and needs a little bit more than just his momma's milk. Work wasn't bad, although I wasn't really around this morning. I had to go to another Energy Conservation thing. Today was our quarterly training and the guy was talking about plasma lights – something that didn't even pertain to the majority of us in attendance since they are not practical for home or office use. I'll admit, I was checking Twitter on my phone for a good part of the presentation. After lunch (yay for baby snuggle/nursing time!!!), I got some stuff ordered in supply and made a few phone calls. Oops – I just remembered 2 more calls I needed to make and forgot about until just now. After work I went for another run. This one was tough, but it felt great! The first 2 1/4 miles had an elevation loss of a little over 250 ft. Of course, that meant the return 2 1/4 miles was back up that 250 ft. And it was into the wind coming back. I still managed 4.5 miles in 48:34, which is under an 11 minute pace! I'll take that! After I finished running, I headed home, stopping at the gas station on my way to pick the boys up from Child Time. I made fish sticks for dinner and then we tried to do a Yahoo video chat with Ryan but he wasn't getting enough signal to get his video to work. So we just talked to him on the phone instead. He's doing well and is learning stuff, so that's good. I got a little bit of crocheting done this evening, and that was a nice way to end the day.

Today's high: 68
Current:  57


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