I survived my first week as a “single mom”

On Monday I took Ryan to the VA in Tucson. He will be there for about a month for an intensive in-patient PTSD treatment program. It will be really good for him and a little tough on me, but I'll manage. And I've made it through my first week.  After Thomas and I dropped Ryan off on Monday, we brought some instruments to a music store in Tucson for repairs. Then we came home for nap time and eventually pick Robert up from his after school Bible Club that meets each Monday.

Tuesday was a pretty normal day – drop Robert off at school and Thomas at Child Time and then back home to await the guy that was coming to measure for the new garage door we'll be getting. After I ate lunch and had my cuddle/nursing time with Thomas at Child Time, I headed to the EST on post – Electronic Skills Trainer. It's an electronic weapons training system, kind of like a big video game. I was the operator for the afternoon session of training. And then when I was done there, I headed to the office and was at work until almost 5. Ugh. But we were getting ready for a 100% inventory, so there was a reason for it.

Wednesday morning was an early morning, but I managed to get both boys to Child Time and out to the Range 8 classroom on time. I attended the Range Safety Officer class. It was a recertification for me and it's a pretty easy "class". Basically you do the test during the class – you just write down the answers as they give you the information.  Then it was off to the band hall for a rehearsal. This was my first time playing since before Christmas – and since the diagnosis of tendonitis in my thumb (from playing before Christmas). Rehearsal went well, and playing with my wrist brace on wasn't too hard.  I just don't have the flexibility that I need for more technical passages. At lunch I went and nursed/snuggled Thomas and then after lunch I was in my supply office for a while before leaving for my allergy shots, which I get twice a week for now.  That took a little longer than I had hoped and I didn't get as long a run in as I had planned, but I'll take 3.11 miles in 31:26 over nothing at all! That was a pretty speedy run for me and I enjoyed it! I'm almost down to a 10:00/mile pace. I went and got the boys from Child Time and then home for dinner and a relaxing evening. Oops, missed choir practice.

Thursday morning was even earlier, with me having to be at work by 7 for the 100% inventory. But Robert was a big help in getting us out the door on time, and I dropped the boys off at CT and was at work on time! The inventory went really smoothly and was done in an hour and a half. From 7-8 we were getting everything laid out and organized and then the inventory started about 8:15.  During the morning I made some purchases for the unit (I do some almost every day) and took care of some e-mails and then headed to CT for nursing/snuggles with Thomas at lunch. After lunch I was back to work for a little while and then had to go get Robert from school. He's been coughing for several weeks now and not getting any better, so I took him to the doctor. The poor kid has bronchitis and we got a couple of prescriptions to help him get better – an antibiotic and a steroid. They really seem to be helping and he's not coughing hardly at all any more.  By the time we got done at the hospital, it was time to pick Thomas up from CT and head home for dinner.

Friday was a normal morning again, I dropped Robert off at school and Thomas at CT. After formation and a short ceremony rehearsal, I headed out to run errands all over post – I turned in paperwork to finish registering the boys in Child & Youth Services (I registered them here and they upload the info to Ft. Rucker and I can get them on the waiting list there now), picked up my race packet at the gym, picked up some PT belts that I had ordered for the unit at Clothing Sales, and went to Tricare with a question. Then it was back to the office to check e-mail quick before heading home for lunch and then to CT to nurse Thomas. I love that I get to spend time with him at lunch! After lunch it was back out to post for my allergy shots and then another e-mail check at work. I got the e-mail I was waiting on and headed home. I should have gone for a run, but I just kind of was lazy around the house until I went to pick the boys up from CT. We had spaghetti for supper and a nice relaxing evening. I made my nightly call to Ryan and he's doing well and already getting stuff out of his treatment program and that's a good thing.

This morning was a super early morning as I had a 10K race on post. I got Robert up, finished getting my stuff ready, and then got Thomas up and changed his diaper and nursed him. We headed to post and I brought Robert to the C's – he got to play Wii and have fun with their 8 year old boy and 2 younger daughters. Thomas came with me. You can read all about my race here: http://www.dailymile.com/people/tbonegirl/entries/12666430 After the awards, I went and picked Robert up – and bought some Girl Scout cookies as well! Then it was home to nurse Thomas and put him down for a nap and I got a shower and then made lunch for Robert and I. We've had a relaxing afternoon, including about a 15 minute nap for me. Thomas decided to wake up from his nap shortly after I fell asleep, but I still feel better. I'll be making dinner in a few minutes and then doing some cross stitching this evening.

2 thoughts on “I survived my first week as a “single mom”

  1. Awesome job on your race! That’s a great time considering your little guy’s snack break. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you & your hubby this month, too.

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