Rest in Peace, Sweet Shadow

Not long after I had posted my last blog, Ryan called from the vet. Shadow had gotten a blood clot that went in her lungs and heart. She wasn't getting any blood flow to her back legs at all and barely any to her front legs. She probably wouldn't have made it to morning, and since she was already under anesthesia so they could do x-rays and other tests (they anesthetized her because she was freaking out and they needed to calm her down), we decided to do the humane thing and have her put to sleep. At least she didn't spend her last hours suffering, and Ryan was right by her side. Shadow crossed the Rainbow Bridge early Monday morning last week.

I didn't go to work on Monday because Ryan had the van, and the van had my ID card and wallet in it. Thomas and I had a nice day of snuggling at home.  When Ryan got home later that afternoon, that's when we told Robert. He took it pretty hard at first, but then he came up with a really good idea while we were discussing looking for a place to bury Shadow. He asked why we didn't cremate her. What a great idea! That way she'll always be with us. I think it helped with closure for Robert that he got to pet her and say goodbye – Ryan had brought Shadow home in a little cardboard kitty "coffin" from the vet. Luckily it was pretty chilly all week, so having her body in the garage wasn't too bad while we worked out the cremation details with the vet and Ryan had time to bring her back up to Tucson on Thursday.

Wednesday was our band Holiday Concert, so the morning was spent setting up and decorating the performing arts center and then I went for a run in the afternoon. The concert went really well Wednesday evening. I was Mrs. Claus and Robert was an elf. I sat in a rocking chair before the concert greeting the audience as they entered and then during the concert, Little Elf and I helped Santa hand out candy canes. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday morning I went for a run since we didn't have to be in to work until after lunch. After lunch we had caroling group rehearsal. I'm part of a small brass choir that will be going around. It was a fun rehearsal and should be fun going caroling around post next week.  Friday morning was a Garrison awards ceremony and that's pretty much all we did for the day.  Friday afternoon I did my long run for the week. I had 2 1/4 hours on my schedule, but I was completely out of gas after 1 3/4 hours. I hadn't eaten enough – all I'd had was a bowl of oatmeal, a piece of peanut butter toast, and 2 string cheese sticks for breakfast, and that was like 5 hours before I ran. And I think I may have started out too fast. Lessons learned. . .

Saturday was a busy day. I had Choir Cantata rehearsal in the morning and I took Thomas to that since Ryan was helping with breakfast at the Legion. Robert went with him. Then we had a Holiday Party on post for the boys that was put on by the Vietnam Veterans of America. It was a lot of fun and the boys got to see Santa and got really cool presents. Thomas got a light up train from Thomas the Train (he got Percy) and Robert got a small Lego kit and a guitar. Yes, a real guitar, but small sized. Hopefully he'll learn to play it. Once we got home from the party, we were all tired, so we just relaxed the rest of the day.

This morning was church twice for me since we did our Cantata at both services. In between, I got Robert to Sunday School for Christmas Pageant rehearsal. After church was lunch and a little bit of grocery shopping before coming home to watch football and relax.

Time for bed now. Tomorrow begins my last week of work before Christmas leave, and it'll probably be a busy week with safety briefings and going around caroling.

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