Soccer Mom – Season 2!!

Soccer season has started for Robert.  He's playing in the U8 (under 8) league this year but he's already playing just as well as last year.  He's on team Dynamite.  Their first practice was last Thursday and Opening Ceremonies was supposed to be Friday evening.  It got stormed out, but they should have called it way earlier than they did.  All they would have had to do was look at the radar to know that it was going to be an ugly evening, but instead they had all the kids and coaches and parents out on the field before they finally decided to call it.  It was already raining pretty good by the time we got back to the van and then we sat and waited for the traffic to clear a little bit and it really started coming down.  It turned to hail as we were driving home and then started slowing up by the time we got home (and we live like 2 miles from the soccer field) and there was a beautiful full rainbow.  It did rain a good part of the rest of the night, but sure need it.

Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny.  K and I started off the morning with a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood.  I'm sure going to miss our walks and runs together.  She's a great workout buddy.  After breakfast. we headed to the soccer field for Robert's first game.  His team's uniforms got lost at the printers, so they all just wore red shirts.  For only having had one practice together, Dynamite played really well as a team.  Although at the U8 level, score is not kept, you know all the kids and some of the parents keep score anyway and Dynamite smoked the other team.  Just about all 8 players on the team scored a goal, and Robert scored 2.  He even got compliments from his coach, so that was cool!  After the game we relaxed at home for a while and then we surprised Robert and took him to a little carnival in a local parking lot.  Wristbands for the rides are such an awesome idea.  For $15 Robert was able  to ride all the rides he wanted, and at $1 per ticket with each ride taking at least 3 tickets, it didn't take long for the wristband to pay off.  Robert loves the Super Slide and the glass maze the best, but he went on a few of the other kiddie rides.  He's almost too tall for a couple of the kiddie rides.  K joined us for grilled hamburgers for dinner and she brought some really yummy brownies for dessert.

Sunday was church and I think were some people there that were surprised to see us.  Maybe I'm not supposed to go places when I'm this close to my due date???  I don't know.  After church we went to the Chinese Buffet place for lunch and then home.  I got a lot of cleaning done in the baby's room and we're finally to the point where we can put the crib together (providing we can find all the piecese).  I had a nice chat with Mom on the phone and then we headed to the church for an ice cream social as a meet and greet with our new Intern Pastor.  She's really nice.  Robert and I walked home the long way (only 1/4 mile from church to home, but we walked about 1 1/4 miles) and we had a nice little discussion about 9-11.

Today was work this morning and then home and the glass guy came back again to re-replace the window on the van.  The first one he did was defective and he had to order a new one.  This one is much better.  While he was working on the window, I got 2 boxes of books/magazines/misc. crap unpacked finally so now there's a little more room in the closet.  There are still 2 more boxes in there and then I have to put away all my cross stitch stuff where it belongs.  I'll work on that Wednesday afternoon.  Robert had soccer practice this evening and I walked 2.5 miles while they were practicing.  It felt good to go "longer" and "faster" this evening.  I do miss running, but I'll be back to running soon enough.  I'm thankful that I'm still able to walk 2+ miles at a time at this point.  39 weeks tomorrow!

Today's high:  78
Current:  63

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