3 Days of Bs – Birthday, Broken Window, Baby Shower

Thursday was Robert's 7th birthday.  It's hard to believe how much he's grown up since I first became a Mommy 7 years ago.  We started the day off with scrambled eggs, pancakes, and sausage for breakfast.  Rick and K joined us and it was a nice start to the day.  I went to work for the morning and then ran a few errands on my way home.  We spent the first part of the afternoon getting a birthday present for Robert (nothing like waiting until last minute).  We got him some math practice books at Target and then a Nintendo DSi and a game to go with it.  He's been wanting a DS for a long time and we felt that he was old enough and responsible enough for one.  We picked him up from school and came home.  We had meatloaf for dinner.  After Rick, Robert, and I went for an evening walk, we had birthday cake and presents.  The cake was an ice cream cake!!  YUM! Thank goodness for Ryan – I totally didn't even think of a cake.  Ryan went to the store and picked out the cake.  He really loved his DS that we got hime and he got some new school clothes from Rick as well as an origami Noah's Ark kit. That should be fun!

Friday I was off from work since it's a holiday weekend.  After I walked Robert to school, Ryan and I went and did some errands.  It was about lunchtime when we were done, so we picked Rick up and were going to go to Subway.  That never happened.  The van started overheating really bad, and when Ryan checked the coolant level, it was REALLY low.  So we went to the auto parts store 2 buildings down from Rick's hotel and got some antifreeze.  It was still heating up a lot after Ryan put it in, but we figured we could get home.  As we were leaving the parking lot, we heard what sounded almost like a gunshot.  But it was a rock hitting the window on the sliding back door from a guy that was weedeating a good 20 feet or so away.  It shattered the window, but because of the type of glass it was, it didn't break all over.  But we stopped, and Ryan got the guy's attention and I called the Police and then my insurance company.  The guy was really nice about it and apologized and accepted responsibility, so that was nice.  And of course my insurance (USAA) is awesome and within about 45 mintues arrangements had been made with a glass company to replace the window.  We (and by we, I mean Rick and Ryan) got most of the glass out of the window and into a trash can provided by the auto parts store so that it wouldn't fall all over the road while we drove home.  We're very glad Robert wasn't with us because it was the window by his seat, and although there wasn't much glass inside, there was still a little that came in from the initial impact.

We got the van home (the overheating problem seems to have been resolved) and rearranged the garage a bit so we could get the van in for overnight in case of rain and so stuff didn't get stolen with the lack of window.  After we finally got some food, we went and picked Robert and his friend J up from school and headed to Tucson for the evening.  We went mini golfing and then to dinner at Red Robin.  We all had a great time, and Robert enjoyed having his friend with him to celebrate his birthday.  We got home about 9 or so and Robert went right to bed.

This morning Rick and I went and picked up my Bountiful Baskets produce and the glass guy came shortly before we got home.  They did a really good job and cleaned up all the glass (or most of it – I found a couple of pieces later) and got our new window in.  And thankfully there is a zero deductible for glass from our insurance company, so that was nice.  It only took them about an hour to do the work.  After they were done, we just sat and relaxed for a while.  I made corn dogs for the guys for lunch and I had some yogurt and fruit.  Mid afternoon I headed over to HW's house for my baby shower.  Including the 2 hostesses and myself, there were 7 or 8 there.  It was small, but it was fun.  We played a memory match game where you got candy for each matched word.  Each word was related in some way to birth and babies, and then the candy for each word related as well.  For example, for bottle, the candy was a Milky Way and for umbilical cord, the candy was Twizzlers.  I got lots of nice stuff for Baby Boy – some clothes, some toiletries, etc.  When we were done, I texted my guys to let them know I was done and they came and got me – I had walked there since it's just over a quarter mile to H's house.  After we got home, I made a big pot of mac & cheese for dinner, and then we spent the evening relaxing – Robert played with Legos, Ryan played on his computer, Rick crocheted, and I stitched.

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