Catching up again.

I need to work on posting more than once a week, even though I'm not doing a whole lot these days.  Last Monday was a comp day from work, so no work.  Monday evening was our penultimate Bradley Childbirth class.  Tuesday was my (now) weekly appointment with my midwife followed by Ryan's PTSD therapy group.  I get a good bit of cross stitching done during the drive to/from Tucson and during his hour and a half long group meeting.  Wednesday was a normal day with work in the morning and naptime in the afternoon. And I don't have to go to Pregnancy PT anymore until after my maternity leave is over!!  My midwife was concerned about me not getting enough sleep and I was concerned that I keep sleeping through my PT alarm and missing PT because of not getting enough sleep, so she wrote a note recommending that I do activity on my own and it was approved by the Army powers that be!! 

Thursday was a normal day until evening. We went for a family walk after dinner and partway through our walk, Ryan started having chest pains and shortness of breath. Of course, we finished our walk (he's as stubborn as I am) and then I took him to the ER.  K came and picked Robert up from the ER and took him home and got him to bed and stayed with him until I got home around 1 in the morning.  All the tests they ran on Ryan came back negative for anything heart-related, but they kept him overnight for more tests and observation.  He was discharged mid afternoon on Friday (didn't have to go to work on Friday since I'd been up so late Thursday night). 

Saturday we did our weekly grocery shopping and then pretty much just relaxed and watched the NASCAR race.  Sunday was church in the morning and then just a relaxing afternoon since we had already done grocery shopping for the week.  I did some laundry and got some cross stitching done.  Monday was back to work for my few hours in the morning and then home to take a nap after lunch.  Monday evening was our final Bradley class and K was able to come with us. She's my assistant labor coach.  After Ryan and K taking a quiz about things coaches should know, we had a labor rehearsal and did a few practice contractions in a variety of positions (the "contraction" was a bag of frozen corn placed somewhere on my skin to make me uncomfortable and then I had to relax through it) and then reviewed some of the different pushing positions. 

Yesterday was another appointment with my midwife, and Baby Boy decided to play tricks and move around so they had a hard time finding his heartbeat.  But it was found eventually, and is nice and strong!  After that appointment was lunch at Waffle House and then to the VA for Ryan's group.  Late afternoon was when the surprise occurred.  My brother flew from MI to visit for a week, and we were able to keep it a surprise from Robert.  Robert sure was surprised when Uncle Rick picked him up from Child Time yesterday afternoon instead of Mommy and Daddy!!  I had put some chicken breasts in the crock pot with cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup and then I made some rice, so we had a nice dinner of chicken and rice.  After dinner, however, Ryan was hurting pretty bad again (it had been gradually getting worse throughout the day), so back to the ER we went.  Rick stayed with Robert.  After finally signing the admitting papers for Ryan (it took longer because they took directly to the back, bypassing triage), I headed home to allow Rick to get to his hotel and get some sleep.  Of course we ended up visiting for probably an hour after we got home, but that's all good.  The hospital not only kept Ryan overnight again, but they transferred him to a hospital in Tucson for more tests that they're not able to do here in Sierra Vista.  You see, we don't have a "real" hospital here – it's the Sierra Vista Regional Health Center – so they end up transferring a lot of patients to Tucson for various things.

This morning was unit photos for work, and of course, formation was earlier than normal.  This required me to get up earlier and get Robert up and ready early and bring him to Child Time on my way to formation.  Between getting up early this morning and not much sleep last night, I'm about to go take a nap. Thankfully I have an awesome command team and they understand family stuff, so I was able to get the rest of the day off to sleep and go to Tucson at some point.  Hopefully Ryan gets discharged today since tomorrow is Robert's birthday.

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