Back to work

I was back to work this past week after being gone for 4 weeks (2 weeks of TDY for school  and 2 weeks of leave) but it was a pretty short week.  Monday I was only there for about an hour and a half before I headed home to change and head to Tucson with Ryan.  He had one of his PTSD groups and then we headed to our hotel and got checked in.  Then we went and got some dinner before heading to our hospital tour at the University Medical Center.  A lot of their standard procedures are things that we want anyway, so that's a good thing!  Things like putting the baby on mom's chest immediately after birth, all post birth procedures are done bedside with mom, and the baby stays in mom's room 24 hours a day.  There were a few things we got some clarification on with our midwife at our appointment Tuesday morning  (hence the hotel room – hospital tour got done at almost 9 and then midwife the next morning), but overall we got a warm fuzzy from our tour.  The only complaint I had about the tour was the group size – there were probably 15 or so couples and that was WAY too many.

So Tuesday morning we saw our midwife and she did the Group B Strep test.  I'll probably find out the results at next week's appointment (yes, I'm to that point where I'll be going every week now).  She also checked me and the report is that my cervix is softening.  No other progress yet, but softening is a good thing.  After we were done with that appointment, we headed to the VA for Ryan's other weekly PTSD group.  After we got his travel pay, we headed home just in time to get Robert from Child Time and then head to his school for a curriculum meeting with his teacher.  K watched him both Monday night and this evening.  She's such an awesome friend and Robert loves spending time with her.

Wednesday was back to work, but since I'm only working half days, I left at lunchtime.  Thursday and Friday were the same – just the morning was spent at work.  I did get some supply stuff done that needed to be done, so that was a good thing.  In the afternoons, I've been taking a nap and pretty much just relaxing.

We were going to take Robert to the park on Saturday (yesterday) but the evening monsoon thunderstorm came in the late afternoon.  Of course, we didn't get any rain, but there was plenty of thunder and lightning, so we opted against the park.  The monsoons should be done soon.  Last evening we went for a nice family walk after dinner and that was a lot of fun.  We're going to try and start doing that more often. 

This morning it was nice sleeping in some – both the guys were up before I was.  We had a relaxing morning before heading to church where we had to say goodbye to our Intern Pastor Beth.  She's been here for the past year and heads back to seminary school now for her last year of school.  It's been wonderful having her here and we're going to miss her.  After church, we headed to Ray's for lunch and then did a little bit of grocery shopping before heading home to watch the NASCAR race. 

I got quite a bit of stitching done this week, and that was nice.

Today's high:  90
Current:  76

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