Family Vacation – Day 4 and the weekend

I tried to post Day 4 on Friday after we got home, but LiveJournal wasn’t cooperating.  Friday morning after breakfast, we finished getting packed and got checked out of the hotel.  Then we headed to Sabino Canyon.  We took the 45 minute narrated shuttle ride and it was interesting learning about various rock formations and nature stuff in the canyon.  I finally learned the names of lots of the trees that we have around here.  It was a really pretty day, other than that it was hot.  But that’s summer in the desert.  After we were done with the shuttle ride, we looked around the Nature Center for a while and then Ryan chatted with one of the volunteers in the gift shop/information center for a while before we headed out.  We stopped at Hooters for lunch to conclude our vacation.  Our family vacation consisted of history (Pima Air & Space Museum), fun (the water park), and beauty/nature (Sabino Canyon).  It was a good vacation and the three of us had a great time, but it was nice to get home Friday afternoon as well.

Friday evening we headed to Robert’s school for Open House and found his classroom and got to meet his teacher.  She seems really nice and Robert seemed to like her.  Of course, after he had looked around the classroom for a little bit, he found the bins of books and picked one out and sat down on the carpet and started reading.  Then we couldn’t leave until he was done.  Not that I’m complaining about that at all.

This weekend was a pretty relaxing weekend.  K and I went for a 2.4 mile run Saturday morning.  Ryan and Robert went to help out at the bake sale that the Association of Vietnam Veterans of America was putting on.  Ryan’s a member of that and wanted to help out.  While they were gone, I went to the school for rehearsal for our church service.  Rehearsal lasted about an hour and a half and when it was done, I headed to Walmart where the bake sale was going on and hung out for a while.  Robert was being a really big help, so he got to stay and keep helping and I headed to Fry’s where I bought about $20 worth of groceries for just over $6!  Then it was home to get those put away and after the guys got home, we headed out to the commissary on post for the rest of the groceries we needed (I had coupons, and lots of free ones for the stuff at Fry’s).  One example of how the commissary has MUCH better prices than out in town – an eggplant at Fry’s cost $3 or so.  It was $1.30 at the commissary!!  And yes, I bought an eggplant.  After we got home from post, I finished up the laundry – did 5 loads throughout the day – and did some cross stitching.

This morning was our church’s Backpack Blessing/Community Sunday, and we had a joint service with the Universal Unitarian church.  The joint choir helped lead worship, and that’s what yesterday’s rehearsal was for.  It was a really nice service with a potluck brunch afterward with TONS of food.  That’s what my eggplant was for.  I got up at 0530 and was in my kitchen by 6 this morning and I made 2 eggplant quiches.  It was my first time making a quiche and my first time doing anything with eggplant, but the quiches turned out really good and I got lots of compliments from people that got to try it at the potluck!!  After we had eaten our fill and visited, we headed back to post.  Ryan lost a screw out of his glasses and so we went to the optical shop to get that fixed and then to the barber shop for the guys to get haircuts.  Once done on post, we came home and relaxed for the rest of the day.  We watched the NASCAR race and I stitched some.  Ryan grilled steak for dinner and I made mashed potatoes and baked beans to go with.

Today’s high:  87
Current:  76

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