Family Vacation – Day 3

This morning was fun.  We went down to breakfast and then came back to the room to finish getting ready for the day.  I gave Robert his swim suit and told him to put it on and Ryan and I got our suits on as well.  Robert thought we were just going to the pool, but I said no when he asked if he could get his pool toys.  I packed our towels and change of clothes in the backpack, along with sunscreen and we headed down to the van.  Poor Robert had no idea what was going on or where are we going.  He’d ask where we were going and we’d say to the van.  LOL  We drove about 1/2 hour to the north side of Tucson to the Breakers Water Park.  Yes, there’s a water park here in the middle of the desert.  Robert sure was excited when he finally figured out where we were going!  We got in – I had paid for admission through a deal with Groupon and our admission had only been $9 each instead of the usual $20.95, so it was a really good deal.  In fact, if you’ve never heard of or checked out Groupon, you really should.  You can get some awesome deals on stuff!  If you sign up, make sure you give me credit for a referral. 

We spent about 3 1/2 hours at the water park playing in the big wave pool and going down the water slides (well, I didn’t do those thanks to Baby Boy).  Even Robert had fun on the big people slides after the first few times to get over being scared.  We played in the kiddie play area for a while as well and had a great time!!  And despite it being the last week of being open during the week (it goes to weekends only through Labor Day), there wasn’t a whole lot of people there.  One of the strangest things I saw was a lady getting skin cancer sunbathing.  Ok, nothing wrong with sunbathing at a water park, and there were others doing it.  But this lady was laying right at the edge of the wave pool on the pool bottom, not on a chair.  Very strange.  But whatever.

After we were done at the water park, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for a late lunch on our way back to the hotel.  Once back to the hotel, I cross stitched for a while and Robert and Ryan played games on the phone and computer respectively.  After quite a while, we went to get a light dinner/snack.  Our first stop was Wendy’s, but while waiting in line to order, the cashier behind the counter got upset about something and cuss words were coming out of his mouth.  I don’t care what the situation was, that is not appropriate behavior/language for someone working to serve the public, especially if there are families present.  We left, and I explained to Robert that we were leaving because he wasn’t using good language.  So we went next door to McDonald’s and had great service and a super clean restaurant.  Then it was back to the hotel and Robert got a bath and I got more stitching done while Ryan played on his computer.

Today’s high:  103
Current:  91

2 thoughts on “Family Vacation – Day 3

  1. You should note the time and let that manager of that store know what happened or it may continue.

    DAD. It wouldn’t let me sign in

    • As soon as we got back to the hotel, I went to Wendy’s website and did a complaint. I even mentioned in it that we went next door to McDonald’s. The automated thing at the end said “Thank you for your comment. You will hear from a Wendy’s rep within 72 hours.” So we’ll see what comes of this!

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