Fathers Day 5K recap and my 2 weeks at Ft. Bliss

I’ll start with the 5K I ran on Saturday.  It was the Fathers Day 5K put on by the local running club here in town.  It was originally scheduled for Fathers Day, but because of the Monument Fire, it was postponed.  K and I arrived shortly after 0530 and got registered – and surprise! We got t-shirts!  I wasn’t expecting that.  The course went around most of the perimeter of the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery and was on dirt trails.  It was only 2.76 miles, but was still a nice run!  It took me 41:36 to complete it, but I still ran more than I walked – even at 32 weeks, 4 days pregnant!!  I got lots of comments (and ALL positive) from the other runners there, so that was nice.  I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with negative.  They did awards for the top 10 males and females overall, and K placed 8th overall for the females and got a cool homemade "medal" for it!!  It was a ceramic plaque with a necktie and a tool and the name of the race and the place on it.

The past two weeks (since the 18th of July) I was at Ft. Bliss, TX, for a 2 week PBUSE course.  PBUSE stands for Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced.  It’s a program we use in supply for tracking all of our property book items.  It was a really good course with lots of hands-on stuff and practical exercises.  I was on the only one in the class to get a 100% overall score – leave it to the bandsman to beat out all the real supply people (like that’s their only job in the Army is to do supply).

Over the weekend between the two weeks, Robert and Ryan rode to visit me on the Harley!!  Robert had a ton of fun going on a super long ride with Daddy, and they got lots of positive comments when they stopped places along the way.  Friday when they arrived, we walked to the PX, stopping to look at all the tanks and stuff in front of the museum on the way.  The PX there is reportedly the biggest one in the Army.  It was HUGE!!!!!!  We walked around the PX, looked at all the little shops and kiosks in the "mall" area outside the PX, and the shops in the areas around the PX on the outside.  We ate at a burger place and they had really good burgers.  Saturday morning we headed to the El Paso Zoo where we met up with the S family.  Their son J is one of Robert’s really good friends from school.  They had moved back to El Paso at the end of the school year as the dad got a transfer from the Border Patrol.  They’re from El Paso originally, so back home with family.  Robert sure was excited to see J again, and we all had a great time walking around the zoo.  Saturday afternoon we played in the hotel pool for a while before heading to my friend D’s house for dinner and visiting.  We had hamburgers and hotdogs and all kinds of other yummy food with the three of us and D and her daughter M.  D is a friend from Iraq who retired in El Paso from the Army.  Sunday morning we got the bike packed and the guys headed home to finish out their 750 mile round trip.  The rest of Sunday I got laundry done and a little bit of grocery shopping at the commissary.

It was nice to be back home with my guys Friday evening and now we’re looking forward to our "Tourists in our Home Town" vacation in Tucson this week.

Here’s a pic of me after the 5K on Sunday.  Baby Boy is growing!!

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