Steelhead Triathlon Report and more

The Steelhead Triathlon was held on post last Saturday (like not yesterday, but a week ago).  Last year’s Steelhead was my first-ever tri, so it was nice doing it again, although I did the team version this time.  K and I formed up Team Band Chicks!  I swam and she did the bike and run portions.  I swam the 800 yards in 18:22, our transition from swim to bike was 2:39, K’s bike time (12 miles) was 45:00, her transition from bike to run was 1:51, and her 5K run time was 30:16.  Our total time was 1:38:10, good enough for 4th place in the female teams division!!  It was a great morning and we both had a lot of fun.

Sunday morning was church twice for me as I played a trombone solo (the hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness) during the offering at both the 8:00 and 11:00 services.  The guys joined me at 11.  After church was a little bit of grocery shopping and then relaxing for the rest of the day.

This past week was super easy at work, since the majority of the band is on block leave.  Monday we showed up to formation and that was it, although I did have some supply work to do, so I was in my office until about 10:45 or 11.  Tuesday morning after my pregnancy ed class, Ryan and I headed to Tucson for an appointment with my midwife.  For accountability for work, we just had to call in.  My appointment went well and she said Baby Boy is measuring about 3 pounds and is head down, so that’s a good thing!  After my appointment we stopped at St. Joseph’s hospital where Ryan was as he needed some paperwork for his GI Bill to prove that he was in the hospital and that was why he had to drop his classes.  Then we stopped and at lunch at What-A-Burger, a new place to both of us, before heading home.  Wednesday was another formation and go home day, but again, I did a little bit of supply work.  Thursday and Friday we were on pass, so no work, but Thursday I went in and got wireless internet hooked up at the band hall for our Soldiers to use and also for the South Dakota National Guard Band members to use while they are here for their 2 weeks of active training.  Thursday evening we went to the Summer Concert in the Park series to hear the SDNG Band guys play.  It was a really good concert and I enjoyed chatting with some of them after the concert.  One of their drummers even gave Robert a pair of drumsticks and signed the package!  That was really cool of him to do for a future drummer.

Yesterday we headed to Tucson in the early afternoon and ate an early dinner at Red Robin as Ryan had a coupon for a free burger for his birthday.  Then we went to the airport to pick C up and give him a ride back to his house.  He’s done with his leave and flew home after he and his wife drove to their destination.  She’s still there and will come back later.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of cross stitching and crocheting done this past week and enjoyed the down time from work.

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