Easy week

This was a pretty easy week at work since it was our last week before summer block leave.  I got a ton of stuff ordered for supply so I actually got stuff done at work.  Tuesday afternoon I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning and then I took care of a couple of other errands after that.  Thursday afternoon I left work a little early so I could go and get new front tires put on my van.  Wednesday evening was our childbirth class.  Other than that, I got some stitching and crocheting done.  This morning was a short formation for safety brief and hand out leave forms and that was it.  I stopped at the gym on my way home to pick up the race packet for the Steelhead Triathlon that K and I are doing as a team tomorrow morning.  Then it was home for a while before we headed to Tucson.  We walked around the mall for a little while before eating at Red Robin and then after we had some time, so we walked around the 2nd floor of the mall.  Then we headed to the hospital for Robert’s Big Brother class and hospital tour.  It was a really good class and the teacher talked at the kids’ level (there was Robert and a 2 1/2 year old – which didn’t make much sense because the class advertising says for older siblings ages 4-10).  They learned how babies are born, how to change a diaper and clothes, swaddle the baby in a blanket, hold the baby, give the baby a bottle, and burp the baby.  Then we took a tour of labor and delivery and the recovery rooms and then there was a video called "What About Me?".  Overall it was really well done, and I think Robert got at least something out of it.  We stopped at Waffle House for a snack on our way home and now I’m heading to bed to get some sleep before the Steelhead Triathlon.

Today’s high:  95
Current:  82

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