Freedom Run 5K Race Report

K and I ran the Freedom Run 5K this morning in Tucson.  We were on the road about 0430 with our cheering section F.  It was already hot and humid when we left – about 75 in Sierra Vista and in the low 80s at race start time in Tucson.  It was a nice course, some dirt and some paved in a park so we didn’t have to worry about traffic.  The course was really well marked and the post race refreshments were plentiful – bananas, watermelon, water, and gatorade.  I finished in 39:00, a pregnant 5K PR (since I won’t be getting regular PRs anytime soon, I figure I might as well count pregnant ones!) and good enough for 5th in my age group out of 11!!  Because of the heat and humidity, I ran with a naked baby bump which helped keep me a little cooler.  I got lots of comments about running while pregnant – some negative, but mostly positive.  Some people just don’t get that pregnant women can run, but my midwife is ok with it, so they have nothing to stand on since they are not my midwife.

After the race, we headed back to Sierra Vista, and after breakfast and some relaxing time, my guys and I headed to the park for the 4th of July ceremony and Salute to the Nation.  We had snow cones and walked around and looked at the displays before heading home.  I’m about to go take a nap now before we go back to the park for the Jazz Combo’s concert this evening.

This past week was kind of slow at work.  I got to the dentist for my check up and after that I schedule my cleaning appointment.  We had a supply inspection Wednesday morning that really wasn’t anything.  Other than that, it was a pretty quiet week at work.  Thursday evening we had our childbirth class, but other than that we were home.  We spent a bit of time in the pool at K’s apartment complex, especially Friday when I didn’t have work thanks to a training holiday.  Saturday morning the three of us and K went to the airport in Tucson to pick up F who was visiting for the weekend and then K and I picked up our race packets for this morning.  Sunday was homemade banana-nut-bran muffins for breakfast, church, grocery shopping, and then Robert made brownies for dessert.  K and F came over for grilled burgers and corn on the cob for dinner and then Robert’s brownies for dessert.  It was all yummy.

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