A fire week

Last Sunday the wildfire in the Huachuca Mountains really took off.  It was SUPER windy and that was not good.  We ended up not getting our day off on Monday as most of the band was tasked out to clear brush on post.  I was one of 3 Soldiers pulling "Fire Ops CQ".  My shift was from 2-10 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I got quite a bit of stitching done, including finishing one piece.  I also started crocheting another baby blanket while I was on duty.  The phone rang 2 times during my 24 hours of duty.  My guys brought me dinner each night so I could see them (especially Robert) while I was on duty.  Robert thought it was neat riding on the motorcycle on post with Daddy.  Thursday things were back mostly to normal at work, but I didn’t go in until 1300 since I had the morning off from duty the night before.  We had a release formation at 1630 both Thursday and Friday, so that made for some long days.  Friday morning I tried to go to the dentist for my annual check up, but they were closing for their organizational day, so I was told I had to go back another day.

As of now, the fire is about 80% contained, so no more worries.  AND we have a 20% chance of RAIN in the forecast starting on Wednesday!!!!!!

Yesterday morning K and I went for a run to start the morning off and then we had a pretty relaxing day.  We ran a few errands, had time to relax at home, I got the laundry started, and then in the evening we all went to see Cars 2 in 3D.  K and B joined us and we had a great family evening!!  We all really enjoyed the movie, but I ate too much popcorn and I could taste it all night.  YUCK.

This morning even I slept in, but we got to church since it’s not until 1100.  After church we went to Walmart, Petsmart, the grocery store and the gas station before coming home.  I finished the laundry and got some stitching done while we watched the NASCAR race.  Then we went to Sonic for dinner/ice cream.  Now it’s off to bed – getting up early to run with K before I go to PT.

Today’s high:  100
Current:  88

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