Another week has gone by

I don’t want any complaints about me not writing for a week again.  This whole growing a baby thing makes for more sleep time.  Some nights I don’t even get to my e-mail before I head to bed.  That, and there’s not really anything going on in my life that I feel is worth writing about.  All my days are pretty much the same – get up, go to work, sit in supply all day, go home, make dinner, stitch, go to bed.

Monday was one of those above mentioned days.  And then we had our Bradley Childbirth class in the evening.  Tuesday I had an appointment with my midwife, so I drove to Tucson.  I had to go by myself as Ryan has started a new part time job as a security guy at a new pawn shop that opened in town.  My appointment went well and baby is growing just like he should be.  I went to Waffle House for lunch after, but it wasn’t quite the same without my Sweetie there with me.

Something from dinner Tuesday evening wasn’t liking me too much, and then add pool water on top of it (we were back at the pool for Wednesday morning PT, but it was the outdoor pool since the indoor one is closed for renovations – I swam 1200 yards of laps!!!) and I ended up going home after formation on Wednesday because I felt horrible.  It felt like I needed to throw up but I wasn’t.  I wished I would though and just get it over with.  Once home, I napped for almost 3 hours and felt some better after that.

Thursday it was back to work, and after formation in the morning, we had a short ceremonial band rehearsal and then I spent the rest of my day in supply.  Friday morning was a ceremony, so no PT for me.  The ceremony was long, but that was all we had for the day.  We had a release formation/safety brief at 1130 and then that was it.  I headed home to change and eat lunch and then I went to get a manicure.  They were super busy and didn’t have any walk in times available until after 4, so I made an appointment for Saturday and went home rather disappointed.  I know it’s something silly to get disappointed over, but those darn pregnancy hormones make mountains out of molehills.  Once home, I began my stitching marathon.  We went out for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking, and then once home, I stitched until 2 a.m. trying to get a piece done.

I slept until about 0930 Saturday morning and after a little bit on my computer, I resumed my stitching.  I took a break for my nail appointment at 1230, and since they were not busy at all, I decided to get a pedicure as well as a manicure.  And then it was back home to my stitching again.  We ordered pizza for dinner, so again I didn’t cook.  I stitched and stitched and stitched and got pretty close to finishing my project by the time, but not quite.  It’s not a major deal – it’s just that on my cross stitch message board we do what we call an Incentive Piece.  You start a new project on a certain date and then you have until a certain date (about 4 months later) to finish it and if you finish before the deadline, you get a prize (more cross stitch stuff).  Out of the 14 incentive rounds we’ve done, this is only 2nd time I’ve not finished on time.  But I’ll get the project done this month – just going to put it away for a little bit to get a couple of other things done that have deadlines as well.

This morning was Pentecost in church, so the choir sang at both services.  Robert came with me to the second service.  Both went well, and then after church, all three of us went to Jeannie’s for lunch and then to the commissary for groceries.  After stitching and playing on my computer while we watched part of the NASCAR race and I called Mom & Dad, we went to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream.  And now it’s past my bedtime, so I’d better get off my computer.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  75

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  1. I have all the HTML codes saved in a document I keep on my desktop and I just copy and paste each time I want to use them. It kind of stinks, but with them saved, it’s pretty easy.

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