Foot Pursuit 5K race report. . . and more

Last week was pretty slow at work again.  Tuesday was a comp day, so I was home.  Ryan and I went for a bike ride and I stitched and that was pretty much it.  Wednesday and Thursday were spent in my supply office not doing much.  Friday morning we played at a graduation ceremony and then in the evening we played at a troop return ceremony.  I got some stitching done at home in the afternoon. 

Saturday morning was Robert’s first 5K race.  We ran the Foot Pursuit 5K here in town together.  It was a little bit warm at race start (and LOTS warmer than for this race last year), but it wasn’t too bad.  Robert and I got checked in and got our numbers, shirts, and goodie bags.  By then Ryan arrived and got a picture of us before the race with a nice bike patrol officer who was out volunteering.  Soon the race started and we were off.  We walked when Robert wanted to walk, although I did push him a little each time.  About half way, he told me, we just here to have fun, right Mommy?  I said, yes, and to get the t-shirt!!  My Garmin time was 45:46, but Robert finished a few seconds ahead of me.  The awards ceremony was a little disappointing and I voiced my opinion to race officials after.  Instead of breaking the kids into 10 and under and 11-14 age groups, they do 14 and under.  That means that kids like Robert are going up against kids that potentially run middle school track or cross country.  Yes, young runners just starting to run "real" races (as opposed to kiddie races where all finishers get a medal or ribbon) need to learn that they might not get anything at the end of a race, but they also need to be encouraged to continue running by knowing that they might have a chance at an age group award.  The way to do that is to ensure that there are separate age groups for the youngest runners.  I just checked the results, hoping to see how Robert would have done had there been a 10 and under age group, and of course, they don’t have ages listed.  But I made the suggestion to the race officials about having a 10 and under age group and the ladies I talked to all agreed with me.  Hopefully we’ll see that change next year.  But Robert still had a great time overall, despite being a little disappointed when he found out he was running against 14 year olds.

Here are a few pics from the race:
Me and Robert with the bike patrol officer before the race

Robert making his final sprint to the finish

Robert and I after the race

After we got home from the race, we got changed and went to McDonald’s for breakfast and then some other errands around town.  Then I got to sit and relax for a few hours before having to get ready for work.  We played pregame for the Bisbee Copper Kings baseball game, Military Appreciation Night.  We played the 5 service songs and the National Anthem.  Ryan and Robert had come with, and we stayed for the game, but left after the 6th inning because we were all tired since we’d been up since a little after 5 in the morning.

This morning Ryan went on a motorcycle ride with some the American Legion Riders.  They went to Mt. Lemmon, which is probably close to a 2 hour ride each way.  They got lunch at a restaurant on the top of the mountain and had a great time.  Meanwhile, Robert and I went to the 1100 church service since that’s what the choir sang at and then we went and got a few things from Target that we forgot yesterday.  Then we came home and just relaxed.  I got laundry done and lots of stitching and he played Wii for  a while.  Dinner was fish sticks and veggies.  Ryan was home, but didn’t feel like eating because of being out in the heat all day.

Today’s high:  98
Current:  75

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