Nice laid-back weekend

Thursday was a really easy day at work – we showed up for formation, did building clean-ups, and did any shop work we needed to do.  I didn’t have anything to do, so I headed home.  We got Ryan’s new Harley today as the dealership got the loan check from the bank.  So we went and did the final paperwork and everything and even got 2 free t-shirts (one for each of us)!  Ryan sure loves his new bike.  After he rode it by himself for a bit, he took me out for a while and we put about 50 or so miles on it.  It sure is a lot more comfy for both Ryan and me as the seat is much bigger.  Ryan picked Robert up from Child Time and took him for a bit of a ride on the bike before coming home.

Friday Ryan brought Robert to Child Time, and during the day I got A LOT of stitching done and that was nice.  I also got started on laundry – getting caught up with all our blankets and towels that have been piling up.  Ryan and I went out on the bike and got lunch at a new restaurant (well, new to us anyway) and it’s definitely a do-again place.  Good food, reasonably priced, and friendly service.  

Saturday was more laundry and lots more stitching.  Robert and I started the day off with a mile run – we were going to go farther, but his feet were hurting as his shoes have gotten too small again.  After we were done with our run, we went to the Legion for breakfast – Ryan was there helping cook.  In the afternoon we made a trip to Target to get new shoes for Robert – he’s in size 2 now.  I made meatloaf, mashed taters, corn, and jalapeno cornbread for dinner and that was really good.

This morning was early church and it was a good service and the choir anthem went well.  After church, we headed back to Country House, the restaurant we ate at on Friday, for breakfast.  Another good experience!  Then we spent another relaxing afternoon at home.  I napped for a little over an hour and then stitched more.  Ryan and Robert went to the cemetery for 6 to help put flags on the vets’ graves, but they were almost done when they got there because some Legion members had been told 5:30 and some (Ryan) had been told 6.  Robert did get to put a few flags, though.  When they were done, I met them at Cold Stone for ice cream and then home to finish watching the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed and I got more stitching done.  I stitched about 11 hours the past three days, so that’s nice.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  72

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