Another week in my life

Friday last week I had a good workout at PT – ran 3 1/4 miles during our time at the track!  Then at work, we had a rehearsal in the morning for a couple of upcoming gigs and then a little bit of time in supply before heading to my hour and half of yoga.  After yoga was done, I headed home to change and get Ryan and we headed back to the commissary for the case lot sale.  We got a TON of food to last us through the summer and lots of great deals.

Saturday was Armed Forces Day and our small ceremonial band played at a ceremony in Tucson.  We had formation at 0730 for the 1000 ceremony.  I got a bit of stitching done in the van on the way there and back, and the ceremony went well.  I had a few hours at home with my guys before heading back in to work for a troop return ceremony in the evening.  It’s always nice playing for Soldiers returning home from deployment.

Sunday was church and it was a good service.  The choir anthem went really well.  After church, we headed out to post and had lunch at Burger King and then got a few things at the commissary that we didn’t get on Friday.  We spent the afternoon watching the NASCAR race we had recorded Saturday night.

Monday began a pretty easy week, other than our Comprehensive Soldier Fitness training Monday afternoon.  UGH.  I wish we had done two straight days and been done with it instead of 4 Monday afternoons.  Monday evening was our Bradley Childbirth class.

Tuesday morning after pregnancy education class (topic was breastfeeding this week!!), Ryan and I headed to Robert’s school his his end-of-year award assembly.  Robert received recognition for meeting his Accelerated Reader goals for the quarter and Perfect Attendance for the quarter.  He also came home with a certificate for Good Attendance for the year (missed 2 days of school because he was sick).  Ryan and I headed out to post for about 1045 as supply was expecting a delivery around 11.  Well, he finally showed up about 1245, so we spent a couple of hours hanging out and chatting with my commander.  After the delivery came, we went to Burger King for lunch again and then went and checked out the Arts and Crafts center since we’d never been there before.  Then we went to the Harley store and Ryan picked out the bike he wanted and I got the loan finalized for it – nothing like giving your husband a new Harley for his 40th Birthday, and a few months early at that.

This morning I brought Robert to school for his last day as a 1st grader before heading to work for a few hours.  Most of the band is TDY right now, so there’s not a whole lot going on this week.  I spent the morning in my supply shop but didn’t really do anything.  Ryan picked me up around lunchtime (he had the van this morning so he could run some errands) and then we spent the afternoon running other errands – signing our lease for another year for the house, bringing something to be framed, etc.  We stopped by the Harley store in the late afternoon and got to see Ryan’s new bike and then we went and got Robert and went back to the Harley store so he could see it as well.  We’ll get to bring it home tomorrow when they get the check from our bank.  We had a quick dinner as Ryan had Legion meeting and I had choir practice.  Robert came with me to choir.  We only have a few Sundays of singing left before our summer break, so it was a pretty short rehearsal.  That was nice.

Time for bed now.

Today’s high:  89
Current:  73

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