Hi! Remember me??

I need to do much better about keeping up on my posts.  I have no idea what I’ve done over the last almost 2 weeks, so I’ll give you some highlights of what I do remember. 

Saturday the 9th – Robert had his 2nd class for First Commuion.  It’s a great class and well team-taught by our pastor, our intern pastor, and our Associate in Ministry.  After the class, we had planned on going to the park, but it was really windy so we had a stay at home and play Wii day.  Ryan was gone on a bike ride – in the wind and even some rain.  I got a lot of stitchng done.

Sunday morning I about wiped out in the bathroom when my bare feet hit the WET tile floor.  Not a good way to start the day.  I went out in the living room and Robert was sitting in his chair and you could see Robert and kitty footprints in the very soggy carpet.  There was probably an inch of water in Robert’s bathroom. I woke Ryan up and then I called Re-Max.  They sent a plumber and carpet guy.  Robert and I went to church and left Ryan home to wait for the repair people.  The plumber found the problem – an obstruction almost to the sidewalk in the sewer line.  Thankfully the water that was in our house and making our carpets soggy was clean water.  And thankfully we really didn’t have any loss of property.  Ryan came and got me out of church almost near the end – he needed help moving all the stuff out of Robert’s closet and the guest room closet so the carpet guy could get in there to suck the water up and then dry.  So we went home and moved all the stuff.  Most of the stuff in the gues room closet is all my craft stuff – and thankfully it’s all in plastic totes so no damage.  All that went in the kitchen.  The carpet guy got the water all sucked up and got a blower fan going to start drying the carpet.   We didn’t have to cook as we had a spaghetti dinner at church.  And then Robert and I had choir practice for the cantata.

Monday I stayed home from work as the carpet guy was coming back to bring another fan and check the carpet.

Tuesday I had a baby appointment in Tucson, so we were in Tucson for most of the day.  The appointment went well and we got another picture of the peanut, but you can’t really see anything.  We did get to see him/her sucking his/her thumb – or what looked like that anyway.  It was cute!  After the appointment, we did some shopping at a few places and then headed home.

Wednesday I went to work for what it was worth – not really doing much.  Wednesday evening was choir practice for the cantata again.

Thursday I was home again for a repair guy to fix the closet doors and the carpet guy came back to tuck the edges of the carpet back under and then he steam cleaned everything.  It smells much nicer in there now.

Friday was a 1/2 day at work, so again I didn’t do much.  I went to my first on-post Yoga class from 1130-1300 and that was really enjoyable!  The instuctor is a girl I went to high school with – she graduated with my brother.  I plan on going as much as I can – it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1130-1300, so I should be able to go most Fridays, and then if we have a comp day on a Monday or something, I should be able to go then as well.

Saturday was Robert’s final First Communion class and again it was a good class.  All the kids got to taste the wine to see if they wanted wine or grape juice during Communion on Sunday.  Robert opted for wine, and that’s fine with us.  After class was done, we went out to the post wide yard sales for a little bit and visited with some friends.  Then we headed to Tucson to buy Robert a suit at Kohl’s and find me a black dress for Good Friday/the cantata.  We also bought Robert a Lego kit as his First Communion gift from us and did som other shopping.  I finally found a dress at the 4th place we looked at.  We ate dinner at Red Robin before heading home.

Sunday was Robert’s First Communion during the 1100 service.  I went to both the 0800 and 1100 services as the choir sang because it was Palm Sunday.  The service was really nice and Robert looked super handsome in his suit – many compliments and words of congratulations from everyone in the congregation, but especially the choir.  I do have some pictures from during that the Pastor’s wife took and then some after with Robert and Pastor and Beth, but they’re still on my camera.  After the service was done and we had gotten the pictures we wanted, we went to Golden Corral for lunch.  And then it was home for Robert to change quick before we headed to the Brass Quintet concert.  It was a really good concert with a wide variety of music and I’m glad we went despite being super busy all day.  I had to be back at the church at 4 for choir rehearsal and then Robert had to be there at 5 with the rest of the kids (only 2 others showed up) for rehearsal.  We went through the cantata twice – once before the kids got there and once after our dinner break with the kids.  We had fried chicken for dinner.  Not my favorite, but it was food.

This week has been slow at work again.  Monday was a couple of rehearsals in the afternoon so I got to play my trombone a little bit.  Yesterday was recording sessions all day – they’re recording all the groups for something.  Brass Band was first thing in the morning, so after that, I was in my supply office the rest of the day.  I did some online training I need to do for my new job (in supply) but I wasn’t able to take the final exam since it won’t load.  It still won’t load today.  Grr.  I’ll be going home this afternoon to take Ryan to the chiropractor.

Monday afternoon/evening was a bit interesting.  I got a text from Ryan early afternoon and he had really hurt his back at school – bent over to pick something up in ceramics class and heard his back pop.  Not good.  He was in so much pain and couldn’t even stand up straight let alone walk, so we went to the ER.  We got right in when we got there and he finally got some IV pain meds.  That was pretty much all they did for him – no x-rays or anything.  And he got a prescription for pain meds at home.  Thankfully HW was able to pick Robert up from Child Time for us and she and her husband B fed him dinner.  We finally got home after a stop at Walgreens for the prescriptions and McDonalds drive thru for dinner for me and Ryan and stopping at H & B’s to pick Robert up.  The pain meds really aren’t doing much, so hopefully the chiropractor can see something in the x-rays today (it’s his first appointment, so exam, x-rays, and adjustment) and maybe the adjustment will help some.  He can’t ride his bike right now, so I have to drive him places in the van.  Hopefully tomorrow he can get back to school in the afternoon.

There all caught up.  Hopefully I can do a better job of staying on top of this.

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