Oopsie!! You still remember me, right??

Hmm. . .  All of last week and part of this one.  I guess I’ve gotten bad about this blogging thing.  

Last week as a week of Brass Band rehearsals – we rehearsed for about 2 hours a day Monday through Thursday.  That’s about all I did at work since I’m still transitioning into supply.  I got stitching done during lunchtime, and I started eating lunch in the day room instead of in my office.  I get more stitching done when I’m just watching TV with the guys instead of trying to do Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMile while I’m stitching.  Amazing!  

Friday the Brass Band left around lunchtime for Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix.  We got checked into our hotel (a resort actually – pretty nice, but not as nice as the one we stayed at for the Marriage Retreat in February) and had some downtime before our evening gig at the Chandler Jazz Fest.  We played on the main stage and the 45 minute set went really well.  And I survived my first-ever improv solo in front of an audience.  I even got compliments on it from the guys in the group.  After our gig was done, we headed back to the hotel (across the street from the gig site) and got showered and changed and then it was dinnertime.  I met up with some of the guys at the San Tan Brewing Company across the street (different street) and had a great time.  I had a mushroom and swiss burger and it was the best one of those I’ve ever had.  I only had water to drink, but I still had a great time – and the guys let me smell the various kinds of beer they had.  

Saturday morning I slept in and then just chilled in my room until I went down and got some lunch and listened to a beginning jazz group perform.  After lunch, I headed back to my room and finished getting packed and got into uniform and headed down to check out.  We had our second gig (again on the main stage) Saturday afternoon.  It was *only* 95 degrees out during the gig.  The gig went well, and I survived another solo.  After the gig, we got changed and headed home.  I got a lot of stitching done during both the drive to Chandler and again back home.  Ryan and Robert met us at the band hall to pick me up, and we gave a couple of the other guys a ride home as well. 

Sunday was Church and Sunday School followed by lunch and grocery shopping.  Lunch ended up being "Silly Sandwich Sunday".  I ordered a  BLT on toasted whole wheat.  So I get my sandwich and I opened it up to put mayo on and discovered the "L" was missing.  Yup – no lettuce on my sandwich.  So our server took it back and got some L on it.  I get my mayo on it and as I’m eating it, I discover that it’s half wheat bread and half while bread.  Our server got the manager and the manager ended up taking 10% off our whole bill.  The sandwich tasted good – just made me laugh a little.  Sunday afternoon was spent watching the NASCAR race and I got some stitching done.

Yesterday and today were some boring days at work.  I’m in supply now, but I don’t really have a job in there yet so I’m not doing anything except playing on the computer.  I got quite a bit of stitching done during lunch and today I actually came home early and took a good nap.  

Today’s high:  87
Current:  70

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