And another week (almost). . .

Wednesday we had brass band rehearsal again and I got all my stuff cleaned out of my admin office and into supply.  For now it’s still in a corner, but eventually I’ll have my own desk.  No hurry on that, though.  After work I headed home and made dinner and crocheted for a while before getting a little bit of sleep before heading back to work in the middle of the night.  We played for a Troop Return Ceremony.  We had to be at the gym at 0145, but the ceremony didn’t actually start until a little after 0330.  Thank goodness for my Kindle so I was able to get some reading done.

Thursday I slept some after the gig and then I got up to get Robert to school (Ryan had been up even longer than I had been – he rode with the Patriot Guard Riders to escort the Soldiers and do a flag line.  K spent the night to "babysit".).  After Robert was at school, I went back to bed for a few more hours.  Then I had to be at the theater on post for rehearsal for Friday morning.  We basically found out where each awardee would be sitting and then we practiced going across the stage.  One time through all the awards took an hour.  Very disorganized, and they do this kind of award ceremony once a quarter.  After I was done with that rehearsal, I headed to the band hall for the rest of the brass band rehearsal.  I was off on Thursday, by the way, but we still had to rehearse because our gig is coming up and we’re one of the featured groups.  After rehearsal was done, I headed home and got Robert.  We went to McDonald’s for dinner after Ryan got home from class.

Friday morning I got enrolled in Pregnancy PT – yay.  I’ll make the most of my time there – get what workout I can out of morning "PT" and then go for a good run after work for a real workout.  More on that after I can actually tell you what we do for our "workouts" at PT.  I didn’t stay for PT as I had to be at the theater at 0830 for the award ceremony.  I received my German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge in gold!!  Nothing like standing on stage in front of everyone from the Garrison and receiving my GAFPB – while wearing my maternity ACUs!!  LOL  After the award ceremony was over, I headed home to change into civies and finish getting my potato salad ready.  Then Ryan and I headed back to the band hall for a band cookout.  They were already eating when we got there, but it was ok, and most of my potato salad went despite getting there a little late.  It was fun, but it would have been nicer if it hadn’t been soooooo windy.  After that was done, we were done for the day.  I came home and took a much needed nap – and actually felt refreshed after I woke up.  

Yesterday morning, K and I went for a 3 mile run to start the day.  Ryan left just after we got home on a day-long motorcycle ride.  Robert and I had a nice relaxing mommy/son day.  We had oranges and banana bread for breakfast.  I got a ton of cross stitching done throughout the day (after a late morning nap) and we played outside for a while as well.  Ryan was home in time for dinner and we had an early-to-bed night.  Ryan fell asleep on the couch about 7:30 and Robert went to bed shortly after that.  After I woke Ryan up and sent him to bed, I went to bed as well.

This morning was Sunday School and Church.  After church, we went out to post and the guys got hair cuts and then we ate lunch at Jeannie’s.  Then we did the little bit of grocery shopping we had to do at the commissary.  After we got home, we watched the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed and I got some cross stitching done before dinner.  I made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad and then I got some more stitching done during and after that.

Today’s high:  73
Current:  60

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