Spring Break with my Parents!

Mom and Dad came to visit for a week and with all the fun we had, by the time evening came each night, I was too tired to write.  So now I’m going to give a brief synopsis of what we did.

Saturday we went to breakfast at the Legion, and Robert was wearing his "I’m a Big Brother" t-shirt to announce our news.  We’re due on 20 September!  The rest of the day was relaxing.  Ryan fixed K’s brakes, Dad and Robert played Wii, and Mom and I went grocery shopping at the commissary.  Ryan grilled burgers for dinner.

Sunday morning was church and then lunch after.  Then we drove to Montezuma Pass and Robert and I hiked the .4 miles to the top of Coronado Peak.  There was a great view from up there.  I have some pictures, but they’re still on my camera so you’ll have to wait for them.  I made meatloaf and baked potatoes for dinner.

Monday we went to Bisbee and Tombstone and saw the sights at both places.  We had lunch at Big Nose Kate’s in Tombstone.  After K got home from work, she and I went for a 2.09 mile run for my birthday.  Then the whole family (K included!) went to Applebees for dinner.  We had gone to a steak place first, but it was SUPER expense and not really that menu choices.  Applebees was much better, and we were able to have dessert as well.

Tuesday morning we left fairly early and headed to the zoo in Tucson.  A lot of the animals were out and about since it was a little cooler with it being morning.  Then we headed to the hospital where my midwife is and I had my first baby appointment, and we even got to see our little peanut and hear his/her heartbeat.  That’s always so cool!  After my appointment we went a few other places that we needed to go and then headed home.  We went to Golden Corral for dinner.

Wednesday we went to the museums on post and walked through all three of them.  Always very interesting!  We had lunch at Jeannie’s Diner and then we went to the band hall and Mom & Dad got to meet my Commander and First Sergeant and a few of my friends.  Then we headed home and made pasties for dinner.  K helped us make and eat them.

Thursday morning started off with the "Neighborhood St. Patrick’s Day 5K".  There were 2 participants – me and K.  We had a good little run to start off the day.  Later in the morning, Mom and I went and got manicures and pedicures and the guys went shopping and then to the park.  Ryan bought Robert a kite, but they didn’t have steady enough wind to get it flying very well.  Mom and I met up with them at the park just as they were finishing and we all went to McDonald’s for lunch.  Then it was back to our house after a few errands here and there.  I made spaghetti for dinner.  We said our goodbyes before mom and dad headed back to their hotel for the evening as they were leaving for Tucson fairly early in the morning for their flight home.

Friday we got going a little later than we wanted, but it was ok.  We went back to Tucson for me to get my lab work done at the hospital.  It wasn’t bad, especially since I have my new Kindle and I was able to read while I waited.  After I was done at the lab, we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch (and I was STARVING since it was fasting lab work).  Then we went shopping at a few places in town before heading back home for a BBQ at one of my coworkers houses to celebrate his birthday and for him and his wife to get to know other families.  It was a good time with lots of good food.

Saturday we slept in and just relaxed.  I got laundry done.  I don’t remember what else we did.

Sunday was early church as that’s when the choir was singing, and I was also the lector so I read the lessons.  Then Robert went to Sunday School and while he was there, Ryan and I went and did our grocery shopping for the week.  The rest of the day was spent with more laundry and Ryan did a great job organizing in the garage.  There’s still more to do, but it looks a lot better in there now.

Yesterday (Monday) was back to work after being on leave for a week (that’s how I spent all the time with the family!), but it was a super short day.  There were a lot of people on pass or in classes and First Sergeant cut those of us that were there loose before lunch.  I came home and got a lot done on my alumni newsletter for Delta Omicron.

Today was a full day at work, but it went by pretty quickly.  I had brass band rehearsal all morning, and that was a good rehearsal getting ready for our major gig in a week and a half.  Then after lunch I played around in my admin office – I don’t have any work to do in there since I’m done and moving to supply tomorrow.  I left to go home about 3 since the batteries on my mouse died and I couldn’t do anything without a mouse.  Once home, i got changed into my running clothes and went for a 3.21 mile run.  That was a nice way to end the day and start the evening.  I went and picked Robert up from Child Time and then came home and made supper.  After supper I made banana bread.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  48

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