SHARP training done. GAFPB started!

Last week I finished up my SHARP training.  Lots of learning all week until Thursday.  We had our final test Thursday morning and then we broke into our groups for our final presentations.  I was in a group that got to do a skit, and we chose to portray the acceleration from sexual harassment to sexual assault, with some intervention (unsuccessful ones) techniques thrown in there.  I was the victim for the skit, and the evening at "Ted’s Bar" (we went after work to celebrate a coworker’s promotion) ended with one of the guys in the group offering to "drive me home because he noticed that I had had too much to drink."  Of course, HE had drugged the drink that he bought for me (large size smartie candy was the drug) and he "got me home" for sure.  Scene 2 was me calling the SHARP freaking out because I had "woken up naked with stuff all over" and I had no idea what happened.  I remembered being at the bar and that was it.  Everyone enjoyed it very much, and our group may actually be called to do our skit for a training video!  That would be quite an honor.  After all the presentations were done, we did our final course evals and got our certificates and that was it.

After we were done, some of us from the class went to Hana Tokyo Japanese Restaurant for lunch.  Ryan joined us.  It was really neat watching our chef perform for us while he cooked the food right in front of us.  And it was REALLY good food as well, and we had a lot of fun.

Friday evening Ryan and I had a date night while K Robert-sat.  We went to dinner at Jack-in-the-Box (was going to be Applebees, but there was a 30 minute wait) and then we went to the movies!  We saw the new Adam Sandler movie, Just Go With It.  It was a pretty good movie and we had a great evening!!

Saturday morning, K and I went to the pool out on post to time ourselves on the 200m and 100m swim distances.  We both came in under the times we needed (more later) and then we headed to the Legion for breakfast.  That was really good, as always.  Except for the mold that came out of my syrup bottle onto my French toast.  It was a BIG chunk of it, and they ended up getting me french toast and bacon because of it.  Later in the day, K and I went for a 3.5 mile run – my first run in a week again.

Sunday was church and grocery shopping and then NASCAR!!  It was the Bud Shootout, the start of the NASCAR season, although the first race isn’t until next week.

Monday I was back to leading postpartum PT and we did a kick-butt core workout.  Then I spent the rest of the morning at the rifle range doing nothing.  They had too many people out there to do the leadership stuff, so I just sat and read my book.  Once we were done there, I headed home and had lunch before picking Robert up from school to take him to his doctor appointment to have the rash on the back of his legs looked at.  Then we had to wait at the pharmacy for the cream for his legs.  Then we came home.  I ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Johns for dinner.

Today was a more normal day.  We had PT this morning – lots of stretching and a 1 mile run since there’s a PT test tomorrow for the postpartum Soldiers.  Then I actually got to go back to the band hall for the day.  After formation, I got stuff done in admin that needed to be done, and then we had Brass Band rehearsal to finish off the morning.  I stitched and played on the computer during lunch, and then after lunch was a bit more admin stuff before heading home for "swim prep" time.  I did the swim portions of the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) this evening.  K came with me to cheer me on and to count laps for me during the 1000m.  There were 3 other guys from the band there as well.  I swam the mandatory 200m in 4:09  – allowed 8:00.  The 100m was an optional event and I chose to do that instead of the shotput  and I swam the 100m in 1:47 – allowed 2:20.  After a nice break, one of the other guys in the band and I did the 1000m for our distance event (other choices are various distances of running).  I had 30:30 to complete the distance, and I finished in 23:10.  K and I are pretty sure that the CPT in charge miscounted the laps and I did an extra 50m.  K was counting for me and marked each lap off on her sheet, but when she gave me the signal that I was on the last one, I got to the end and the CPT said I had one more.  So I did another 50.  Whatever.  I had plenty of time, but still. ..   After we got done at the pool, we went to dinner at Chili’s.  Good food and good company.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  58

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